Sunday, May 8, 2011

Antico Forno Roscioli, Rome

On my last trip, based on one of the recommendations of Katie Parla, a fellow blogger who knows everything about Rome restaurants, I decided to try Roscioli. It's a salumeria, bakery and restaurant in Rome.

The place is very small and narrow with a display of all kinds of Italian meats and cold cuts on the left, while the right side us packed floor to ceiling with canned goods and wine. I went there for a quick lunch and we were lucky to get a table after a 20 minute wait. It was packed with mostly local people so of course, that's always a good sign.

For starters they gave us some mozzarella with green and red pesto. Italy was celebrating is 150 years of unity that day, so I guess they felt extra patriotic that day. We also had a plate of prosciutto (no picture) with a glass of Pinot Grigio house wine.

Then I had one of their most popular dishes and one I've been wanting to try for a while (I know Lusso serves this but it's always out of stock) which was Burrata. It's basically a cheese made with mozzarella, butter and cream. This was served with the best sun dried cherry tomatoes I've had ever. It was very creamy and the sun dried cherry tomatoes so sweet and tasty. I was gonna rake home a Bottle when I found out that each small bottle cost 30 euros. I guess I'll have to go back there again for lunch to be able to try this again.

I also had Pasta Amatriciana, made with Bombolotto (like a short macaroni) with tomato sauce and Guanciale. This is also one of my favorite tomato based pasta when I'm in Italy.

I do hope to come back here and try this again soon, since there were so many dishes that I wanted to try.