Wednesday, December 28, 2011

La Girolle

Had a quick lunch today at La Girolle, the new restaurant of Chef Ian Padilla located at the Fort near Burgos circle. The menu changes weekly, so whatever was featured here may not be in the menu anymore by next week.

For starters, of course I had to order Beef Tartare. This was was very creamy texture more like mashed potatoes. Not sure if it was really meat to be like this. Taste was good very tangy although I would have wanted a bit more heat. I liked the bits of cucumber which gave it the crunchy texture.

For main, Sous vide pork belly. Not sure how long this was cooked but probably over 20 hours. Very tender pork with crackling crispy skin. This came with mashed potatoes a la Robuchon (very creamy and lots of butter).

Over all a good meal. Will have to go back to try other dishes since it changes weekly.

The restaurant is quite small (but very cozy) so if you plan to go, you need to reserve in advance.

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