Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets

I received an email from a friend with the nominees to Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets awards. Voting has been on going and I think they will announce the winners tomorrow. I will highlight my personal choices - and lets see how many I get correct. I will repost here once I have the list of winners. i wonder what criteria they use for the votings??

1. Best Italian Restaurant: For me - Amoroma - very quaint authentic Italian restaurant

a) L'Opera
b) Café Caruso
c) Bellini's
d) Amoroma
e) L'Incontro

2. Best French Restaurant - Definitely Je Suis Gourmand - no doubt.

a) Le Soufflé (Fort)
b) Je Suis Gourmand
c) La Cabane
d) La Regalade
e) Cuillère
f) Other: Cicou

3. Best Spanish Restaurant - Personally I like La Tienda but I have a feeling it will be Terrys that will bag this one.

a) Alba Restaurante Español
b) La Tienda
c) Terry's Selection
d) Amalia's
e) Casa Armas
f) Other: Chef Ed's 21 Restaurant

4. Best Continental Cuisine - Antonios by far. Followed by Lolo Dads

a) Chateau 1771
b) Sala
c) Aubergine
d) Lolo Dad's
e) Katre
f) Lemuria
g) Antonio's

5. Best Steakhouse - I think Elberts will bag this one. Still havent gone there and hope to go there very soon. A close number 2 would be Mamou

a) Fire Lake Grill
b) Mamou
c) Elbert's Steak Room
d) Myron's Place
e) Duo
f) Other: House of Wagyu

6. Best Japanese Restaurant - My personal favorite fron this list is Sugi.

a) Sushi Tsumura
b) Tsukiji
c) Kai
d) Sugi (Greenbelt)
e) Seryna

7. Best Filipino Restaurant - My choice would be Laudico for his innovative style.

a) Café Juanita
b) Harbor View
c) Abé
d) Laudico Bistro Filipino
e) La Cocina de Tita Moning
f) Other: Adarna

8. Best Thai Restaurant - Peoples Palace will take thos one in my opinion.

a) Silk
b) Azuthai
c) People's Palace
d) Kingdom

9. Best Chinese Restaurant - maybe hai Shin Lou or Choi garden.

a) Zong (Fort)
b) Hai Shin Lou
c) Gloria Maris (Greenhills)
d) The Good Earth (Fort)
e) Cantonese Kitchen
f) Other: Choi Garden

10. Best Central European Restaurant - Actually I really wouldnt know but if I had to guess it would probably be Old Swiss Inn.

a) Schwartzwalder
b) Old Swiss Inn (Makati)
c) Bianca's
d) Mickey's Deli (Makati)
e) Vieux Chalet
f) Other: Chateau Hestia

11. Best Specialty Restaurant - Im biased but I think Korean garden is the best in this list. Best Korean in Manila.

a) Hossein's Persian Kebab (Makati)
b) Ziggurat
c) Manos Greek Taverna
d) Korean Garden
e) Zapata's Mexican Restaurant
f) Other: Bawai Vietnamese Kitchen

12. Best Bistro - Apartment 1B for this category.

a) Apartment 1B
b) Sala Bistro
c) Palato Fino
d) Chelsea
e) Di' Mark's (QC)
f) Other: Culliere

13. Best Enoteca - for me Terrys for its large selection of wines and deli.

a) Galileo Enoteca (Mandaluyong)
b) La Vigne
c) Barcino Gourmet
d) Terry's Selection (Pasong Tamo Ext.)
e) Cav
f) Purple Feet (Wine Depot Makati)

14. Best Fusion Cuisine - havent tried any of these but I f I had to guess it would probably be INYO

a) M Café
b) InYo
c) Portico 1771

15. Best Newcomer - CAV. Aside from the large wine selection, food is surprisingly good.

a) Aubergine
b) Purple Feet
c) Cav
d) La Regalade
e) Other: Lolo Dad's Brassiree

16. Best Restaurant/Bar - Handle bar - fun and always packed.

a) NU-VO
b) Piedra
c) Handle Bar
d) Cuisine
e) Brava

17. Best Wine List - from this list I would say CAV has the best wine list.
a) Sala
b) Restaurant 101
c) Cav
d) Balducci
e) Lemuria
f) Other: Ralph's Wine Museum

18. Best Hotel Restaurant: International Buffet - for me Circles is still number one - even if Spirals has more variety - I think Circles has better quality.

a) Spirals (Sofitel)
b) Paseo Uno (Mandarin Oriental)
c) M2M (Renaissance New World)
d) Circles (Makati Shangri-La)
e) Nielsen's (Manila Peninsula)
f) Café-on-the-ridge (Taal Vista)

19. Best Hotel Restaurant: Fine Dining - its a close call between Prince Albert and Tivoli - I personally think Prince Albert - a classic.

a) The Fireplace (Hyatt Hotel & Casino)
b) Prince Albert (Intercontinental)
c) Verbena (Discovery Country Suites)
d) Le Bellevue (Manila Diamond)
e) Red (Makati Shangri-La)
f) Tivoli (Mandarin Oriental)

20. Best Hotel Restaurant: Specialty - Spices in my favorite from this list.

a) Paparazzi (Edsa Shangri-La)
b) Li Li (Hyatt Hotel & Casino)
c) Spices (Manila Peninsula)
d) Benjarong (Dusit)
e) Inagiku (Makati Shangri-La)

21. Best Chef - no doubt - Marc Aubry. Always very attentive and will do anything to satisfy his customers. Number 2 would be Tony Boy Escalante.

a) Colin McKay (Sala)
b) Marivic Diaz-Lim (Apartment 1B)
c) Sau Del Rosario (Kingdom)
d) Ariel Manuel (Lolo Dad's)
e) David Pardo de Ayala (Discovery)
f) Marc Aubrey (Je Suis Gourmand)
g) Other: Chef Tony Boy Escalante

22. Lifetime Achievement Award - landlside here for Larry Cruz. a legend in the industry.

a) Larry Cruz (posthumous)
b) Margarita Fores
c) Gene Gonzalez
d) Anastacio de Alba


Noel said...

Hi, Miguel. I think I know who/what group comes up with the winner. If I am correct in my suspicion, I wouldn't put much credence in the coming results.

In any event, for whatever little it is worth, some of my personal favorites are:

Italian - L'Opera
French - Je Suis Gourmand
Spanish - Terry's Pasong Tamo Ext.
Continental - Antonio's
Steakhouse - Mamou
Japanese - Tsumura
Thai - Peoples Palace
Filipino - Trellis
Chinese - Emerald Garden/Choi Garden (Zong? Are they kidding?!?!)
Bistro - Sala Bistro
Enoteca - Terry's
Newcomer - Ciçou
Wine List - CAV I guess (but I always bring my own wine)
Hotel Fine Dining - Old Manila & Tivoli
Chef - Marc Aubry & Tonyboy Escalante

Noel said...

Oh, one more - my own made-up categories:

Best plating - Aubergine

Best Seared Foie Gras - Lolodad's

Best Terrine of Foie Gras - Je Suis Gourmand

Best Wine Service - Old Manila & Tivoli

I think I'll go make my own list on my blog now, sorry for muddling up your comments section....

Hope to see you on Thursday!


Chinkee said...

Hey Miguel! This looks like fun! I wanna post my list, too. Hehe.

Italian- Caruso
French- Je Suis Gourmand
Spanish- Alba
Continental- Antonio's
Steakhouse- Bianca's/Cave Werdenberg
Japanese- Tsumura
Thai- People's Palace
Filipino- home cooking!
Chinese- Peking Garden
Bistro- Apt. 1B
Enoteca- Terry's
Newcomer- based on chismis, I'm guessing it should be Aubergine
Wine List- CAV
Hotel fine dining- Old Manila
Chef- Marc Aubry, for sure! He should also win Best Mustache and Best Eye-roll. Hahaha!

Miguel said...

Great - lets see when the results get out. Ill try to research and see. Ill post them here once they are out.

cez jarlyn young said...

best chinese restaurant: i have to try those in the list.. but my mom said.. best so far she has tasted is the chinese resto in edsa shang hotel. let's all go there! :)

Miguel said...

I think we should make our own list. Some of this places dont even deserve to be there.

Miguel said...

The one in Edsa shag?? never eaten there ye...We should go...

Chinkee said...

Yes, Summer Palace is a pretty good restaurant. Nice, clean flavors. They have this Black Cod dish that they also serve in Shang Palace, but the chef in Summer Palace does a better interpretation.

Mia said...

Thank you for your sharing as I am planning to visit Manila this weekend!Will try most of the restaurants which you recommended! ;-)

ELIAN said...

Hi Miguel!

I just had the pleasant surprise of running into your blog and finding an entry about the First Annual MANILA'S BEST KEPT RESTAURANT SECRETS Awards (a.k.a. the MBKRS Awards) we organized and hosted in November 2008 recognizing excellence in Manila's dining scene.

The MBKRS Awards are inspired by and named after the bestselling coffee-table book Ines Cabarrus and I (Elian Habayeb) authored and published, with forewords written by Philippine Tourism Secretary Joseph Durano, top food critic Michaela Fenix, and Enderun Colleges lead found Jack Tuason. It's distributed by all major bookstores nationwide and is available on Amazon.com internationally. For more info on the book, see the WikiPilipinas entry at http://en.wikipilipinas.org/index.php?title=Manila%27s_Best_Kept_Restaurant_Secrets

I must commend you and your readers for guessing so many of the correct winners of the awards! Well done everyone! For a complete list of the winners click here: http://bestkeptsecrets.multiply.com/photos/album/5/The_2008_MBKRS_Awards._And_the_winners_are...

For a list of the judges, click here http://bestkeptsecrets.multiply.com/journal/

The Second Annual MBKRS Awards are expected to be bigger and better, with more judges and more award categories. To suggest restaurants for an award, please feel free to write us at elian.habayeb@gmail.com or ines.cabarrus@gmail.com and please be sure to express why you think the restaurant deserves to win the category.

Long live the foodies!!!

Warmest regards,

Elian Habayeb

mcee said...

hi mr. miguel! im mcee a big fan of amoroma restaurant ty for choosing our amoroma in your list its mine too!...too bad they moved in tagaytay that's why they didnt catch this award...anyhow for me and for a lot of people amoroma wins already even they didnt start this award...be the big inspiration of this very nice book is a big trophy already for pholie & nino. congrats to all the winners & hope amoroma will have a special award next time...

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