Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 Best 50 Restaurants in the world

I just read a post from a fellow blogger here and decided to post this too. Below is a list of the top 50 Restaurants according to this site. El Bulli continues to be number 1 (4 years in a row) and Fat Duck 2nd place.

I have only been able to dine in 2 restaurants on this whole list: El Bulli and Celler de Can Roca(I've been to some others but they were branches of the original ones mentioned (Robuchon and Nobu). This year I plan to hit at least 4 more from the list (Fat Duck,Mugaritz, Arzak and Etxebarri)...wish me luck (and money) so I can achieve this....


1 El Bulli Spain
2 The Fat Duck UK
3 Noma Denmark Chef's Choice
4 Mugaritz Spain
5 El Celler de Can Roca
6 Per Se USA
7 Bras France
8 Arzak Spain
9 Pierre Gagnaire France
10 Alinea USA
11 L'Astrance France
12 The French Laundry USA
13 Osteria Francescana Italy
14 St John UK
15 Le Bernardin USA
16 L'Hôtel de Ville - Philippe Rochat Switzerland
17 Tetsuya's Australia
18 L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon France
19 Jean Georges USA
20 Les Créations de Narisawa Japan
21 Chez Dominique Finland
22 Ristorante Cracco Italy
23 Die Schwarzwaldstube Germany
24 D.O.M. Brazil
25 Vendôme Germany
26 Hof van Cleve Belgium
27 Masa USA
28 Gambero Rosso Italy
29 Oud Sluis Netherlands
30 Steirereck Austria
31 Momofuku Ssäm Bar USA
32 Oaxen Skärgårdskrog Sweden
33 Martin Berasategui Spain
34 Nobu London UK
35 Mirazur France
36 Hakkasan UK
37 Le Quartier Français South Africa
38 Colombe South Africa
39 Asador Etxebarri Spain
40 Le Chateaubriand France
41 Daniel USA
42 Combal.Zero Italy
43 Le Louis XV Monaco
44 Tantris Germany
45 Iggy's Singapore
46 Quay Australia
47 Les Ambassadeurs France
48 Dal Pescatore Italy
49 La Calandre Italy
50 Mathias Dahlgren Sweden


Chinkee said...

Three Spanish restaurants in the top ten? That's quite impressive! Spain is turning out to be quite the heavy-hitter in the food world. I hope I have the budget to try at least one of them when I visit Spain in the fall...:-)

Miguel said...

yes...and if you look atthe top 50, there are quite a few more.

Where will you be in Spain if you go?

Alicia said...

Hi Miguel

Have been reading your blog this past year and since you have generously shared your foodie finds I wanted to share you some of mine. Sounds like you are planning a trip to San Sebastian. You'll just love it. We were there two years ago and we did get to dine at Arzak and Mugaritz. May I just recommend two tapas places for you that were excellent? La Cuchara (which was just fabulous and relatively inexpensive)- Huge pieces of foie cooked with green apple- 3.50 Euro! and Veal Cheeks that melt in your mouth! Same price! and Alona Berri (not in the old town but worth the trip by itself and a local foodie favorite. Fancy Tapas- there was this crab stuffed pimiento that I am still trying to replicate- They were without a doubt the two best ones! There was a panaderia y pasterleria that we also loved- Barrenetxe- Yum!
If you are near Barcelona I would really recommend Can Fabes, We loved it too. Enjoy!

Miguel said...

Thanks Alicia for reading my blog. Yes i do planto g to San Sebastian soon...hopefully this year.

Thanks for your suggestions and I will definitely try them when I go.

In Barcelona yes Can Fabes is in my list to go some day - I'm there often so I can easily plan that one of this days.


Chinkee said...

I'm thinking of going to Barcelona, Madrid and Denia (where Matt's mom was based for a long time). Already checked the net for some inexpensive lodging in Barcelona and found some cute boutique hotels in Eixample. Anyway, I know you lived there for quite a while so do let me know what the good places are, cheap hotels, places to avoid, etc.:-)

Miguel said...

Cool...I'll email you. I was just in madrid and went to some good tapas places....

As for Barcelona, I can give ytou all the info you need.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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