Thursday, August 13, 2009

Il Luogo de Aimo e Nadia, Milan

My last post on my Italy trip is a restaurant Called Il Luogo de Aimo e Nadia. Its a 2 Star Michelin located a bit away from the city center, so going there took a while, but it was well worth it. A mix of Tuscan and Emilia Romagna cuisine, husband and wife team up to create intense and flavorful dishes with the best ingredients available. Not too much fancy cooking techniques, just good old cooking with a modern presentation.

For starters, they gave us a Tomato based soup, like a Spanish Gazpacho, mixed with First Press Extra Virgin Olive oil, capers and a sort of Pesto. I don't remember what this dish was called but it was very refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.

For First course, of course I could not resist not having the Carne Cruda - Raw Piedmontese young Beef filled with green Celery and Pine Nuts, lemon and vegetables. Yet again another hard core/Old school type of tartare, where the meat is treally the main ingredient, not trying to disguise the taste with Tabasco or Lea & Perrins. I enjoyed this with a glass of yet again, Roero Arneis, one of my new favorite Italian whites.

For Main course, I ordered a classic Tuscan dish: Tuscan Suckling Pig flavored with Edera Honey with a Sweet Red Onion gratin & Red Beet Root with Pear. Ridiculously tender and crispy, I am still dreaming of how tender/tasty/creamy this dish was. I guess it has similarities to Pork Kurobota, but definitely much more flavor in this Pig. Must be the Tuscan air?? I enjoyed this with a 2 glasses of Chianti Classico, highly recommended by the Sommelier, a perfect regional paring for my taste at least...

With again no room for dessert, they served us 'Cafes' (Espressos) and Petit Fours. Very simple Fruit Baskets, Chocolate Truffle Bombons, Chocolate filled with Pistachio cream, etc...very simple yet very tasty.

I enjoyed this place very much, as again it was not as fancy/over the top as some of this modern molecular restaurants, good simple honest food. And the Chef, Aimo, was personally there to cook the food and talk to us. Something that does not happen too often nowadays with there celebrity Chefs, who can hardly even be seen in their own restaurants.

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Noel said...

With all your carne cruda this trip, all the Italian cows must've been running scared at your approach.

The suckling pig dish looks exquisite.

...and here I am, sick at home. My antibiotics make everything taste wierd, so no chance for any good food (not to mention wine) for the next few days.