Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gourmandise Degustation Menu

We had a degustation tasting dinner last Saturday by Chefs Rob and Sunshine. This the fourth one I attend since last year. The first 3 were impeccable and this one would be any different from the others. Great menu, great wine (thanks N for doing the pairings) and great company. The dinner was held at Global academy, a culinary school owned and managed by Chef Rob, where he teaches young and aspiring people who want to work in the restaurant/Hotel Industry. Once a month they hold these degustation dinners and we are always lucky to be there and get invited.

For starters, we had tomato sorbet, basil oil and garlic tuile. It was served in a martini glass. This was very refreshing and a good way to start our meal.

They then served us White asparagus and truffle mousse, with green asparagus salad. Again a very refreshing and light salad which was perfectly paired with a 2002 Leon Beyer Riesling reserve.

Right after, one of the main appetizers was served, the Pan fried Foie gras, bread and butter pudding with Balsamic gastrique. I had this with a 2006 Domaine Bott Geyl Les Elements Gewurztraminer. First time I actually drink this type of wine with Foie (we normally drink it with a sauternes) and I was surprised how well it goes(sometimes Sauternes tend to be too sweet). 

We then had the Oxtail tart with caramelized onions, Porcini-morel jus and white truffle oil vinagrette. This went perfectly well with the 2003 Delas Hermitage La Tourette

Next came the poached salmon and cod duo. The duo is a technique they learned in a workshop they did in Japan, from a chef that used to work with Ferran Adria of the famous El Bulli restaurant in Spain. Basically they fuse the 2 types of fish together. I heard that this can also be done with Beef/Lamb and many other combinations...hmm I wonder what Rob and Sunshine will "fuse" next?? With the salmon we had  2000 Herni Borgeois Sancerre "La Borgeoise" a Sauvignon Blanc from Loire Valley. This was the perfect wine as it was not as over powering as the "new world" Sauvignon Blancs like the ones from New Zealand.
The main course was French Duck Breast with Blueberry jus, spice whipped potato and wilted greens. This dish was paired by N with a Northern Rhone wine (a 2003 Hermitage) but we also had 2 Bordeaux wines with this, a 2000 Bahans Haut Brion and a 2003 Chateau Siran. Both were excellent and went very well with the duck.

For dessert we had baked Brie de Mieux, Truffle Honey Pesto, Strawberries and cream and an assortment of chocolates. I failed to take a picture of the desserts so you will just have to imagine how they looked. The Brie was baked and wrapped with some kind of thin wrapper (filo I think) and the chocolate was dark chocolate assortments. I had the brie with our last bottle of wine, a 1994 Leon Beyer Gewurztraminer Selection Grains Nobles.

Over all a great experience again and very much worth it. The food, wines and company was great so what more can I ask for? This menu will run for another month or so till they release a new menu so I am hoping to be in the next degustation some time October. Again pls excuse the low quality of the images. I again forgot to take my camera with me (I was too excited when I left the house). I hope in the next one I dont forget to bring it anymore...


chinkee said...

Wow! French duck breast... I'm so jealous. I had the Duck Breast with Foie Gras at Antonio's about a month ago (before they closed for renovation) and it was sublime. I brought a bottle of 1996 Pesquera which mellowed quite nicely and went pretty well with the duck. Based on your notes (and Noel's), I should try that dish with a Bordeaux next time:-)

Miguel said...

Yes it was very good and well prepared.

Hmm Pesquera from Ribera del Duero Ive tried that wine but from another year..

Also as per Noel Rhone also goes very well with Duck :)

Noel said...

"Also as per Noel Rhone also goes very well with Duck :)"

Yes, but what does he know?

Great dinner! Thoroughly enjoyed it!


Miguel said...

hahaha :) Good one....

chinkee said...

"Yes, but what does he know?"

Whatever, Noel! You know you're the mack-daddy of wine. Hehe.;-)

Noel said...



I don't really know what the term young 'uns use so many newfangled words, dagnabbit...but, somehow, it sounds good.

Kind of hip(hop).

Yes, I think I like it.

Heh heh.


Miguel said...

Yeah - "mack-daddy" sounds cool...

chinkee said...

Hahahaha! Yeah, its a good thing. kinda like the "Main Man" or the "Big Cheese". Your sons will probably trip-out if they hear you call yourself that:-)

Anonymous said...

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