Friday, January 23, 2009

A Special Dinner at SALA..

It was R's birthday last week and we decided to celebrate it in SALA. I had never been there so I wanted us to try something new. Noel, who knows the Chef very well, helped us out with the reservation and what to order.

We arrived and there were only 3 tables occupied. Perfect since this made it even more cozy and comfortable. Interiors are great and I loved that the place was just the right size. Lighting was good and the waiters were very friendly..looked like we were going to have a great meal.

After serving us the bread and wine, we ordered our dishes. Noel had requested from the Chef a special Foie dish for us that was not on the menu, and we also ordered one of their most special dishes: Twice Baked Souffle with Prawns, Feta and Dill.

The Foie was excellent...and the Rissotto perfectly cooked. R and I shared this dish and the only thing missing as a bottle of Sauternes or a for the Twice Baked Souffle - what can I say?? It was fantastic. Cooked to perfection, this dish is perfect. All flavors blending very well together. I had this with a 05 Vouvray Domaine Campalou.

For Main course, I ordered Duck Breast with Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes, Spiced Red Cabbage, Roast Pears and Cranberry Jus and R ordered the Roast Beef Tenderloin, the special of that night.

The Duck Breast was just perfection...This slices of duck breast perfectly done, slightly crispy on the skin side and tender on the inside. The Duck fat roasted potatoes were sinful and the Cranberry Jus gave this dish good contrast. The Tenderloin was equally good, medium on the inside. The mash potatoes were very creamy and done with lots of butter, plus a splash of Truffle oil.

For Dessert we had Chocolate Souffle with Ice cream. Another sinful dessert and a perfect way to end our meal. We had a long chat with the Chef (Carlo) after dinner over espresso. We talked about food and wine and it was quite an interesting chat. We even talked about the menu that will be served in his own wedding a month from now. Thank you Noel for helping me out organize this and thank you Chef Carlo. The food was excellent and service superb. Can't wait to go back there soon...


Noel said...

Happy you and R enjoyed the belated birthday dinner-date. Carlo really is an excellent chef and Sala is one of the best restaurants around, easily up there with Antonio's in terms of cuisine, service, consistency, decor, etc. Everything is always smooth and precise, every detail given attention.

Even Lolodad's (main, of course) is not in that league, in my opinion. I even put up with Sala's P750/bottle corkage since it is really worth going there for the food.


Miguel said...

Yes you definitely said it. Excellent Chef, nice place and great service. What more can we ask for?? hmm maybe lower corkage hehehe

Definitely much better than Lolo Dads in my opinion...

Chinkee said...

I miss Sala! I haven't been back in a while, and its true that the service there is top-notch. That souffle really is delicious! How is their wine list now? Did you bring your own bottle?

Miguel said...

The wine list looks ok and quite extensive. I dis not bring my own wine since my wife doesnt drink and I did'nt think I could finish a whole bottle (..kuno...) so I just got wine by the glass which was ok naman.

Miguel said...

and yes...service was really top notch and the souffle excellent.

Anonymous said...

Tres intiresno, gracias

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