Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tasty (IFC) Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop, Hong Kong

We just came for a 5 day Hong Kong trip with the kids. The first 3 days we stayed in Disneyland (food was quite bad so nothing worth writing about), but as soon as we got to HK, finally we had decent Chinese food.

First place we decided to try was a simple Noodle shop in IFC Mall, called Tasty. I think they have several branches all over Hong Kong. Since we had our kids with us, it was hard to really order all the food I wanted since they are quite young and I was not sure if they would enjoy it, so we deiced to order the safe stuff...

First we had some Dimsum and Noodles...(Wantun Noodle soup)...very simple but great tasting noodles. It had steamed Wanton under the noodles(not seen on picture) and the kids loved it...most specially my 4 year old who really enjoyed trying to eat it with chopsticks...until he gave up and just sipped directly from the bowl..

We then had a plate of Fried rice with scallops and egg white and other dimsum dishes, like Sharks fin, Siopao (which was called steamed pork barbecue buns). The rice was very good and tasty, the scallop was a dried scallop so it was a bit salty which I liked very much.

Over all a good place to go if you want to eat simple food, noodles and decent Dimsum. I'd definitely come back here for a quick lunch.....oh and I forgot to mention, the place was packed full of locals who work in the building, we even had to wait almost 25 minutes to get in.


Alicia said...

Tasty is one of my favourite spots in HK for a quick and relatively inexpensive meal. I urge you to order a congee- they have many kinds, and the house speciality a doughnut wrapped in rice wrapper then fried- they serve it with a hoisin and sesame sauce and you eat it with the congee- most congee places have the doughnut but tasty wraps it which makes it different. Tasty also serves the best beef hofan- just the right amount of oil. Hofan needs to be oily or its will stick but some tend to be too oily. Try those dishes too next time you are there!

Miguel said...

Thanks...I'll definitely try them the next time I'm there...hmm now you got my craving for Chinese food again... :)