Sunday, March 28, 2010

Freixa Tradicio, Barcelona

It's funny what's happening in the dining scene in Barcelona lately. Many have grown quite tired of all the fancy creative, molecular, cocina de autor type of food, and many are going back to basics, or back to their roots. One of Them is Freixa, who had a cutting edge restaurant in the 90's called Raco D'en Freixa. a modern, creative restaurant, then decided to convert it into a traditional Catalan Restaurant, with food
'de toda la vida' and typical Catalan Ingredients.

The place though is quite modern looking, but the food, basic traditional Catalan cooking. For starters, I had some Fino, which they served with some cold cuts: Fuet, Corizo Iberic, Butifarra Negra and Butifarra Blanca

For our starters, I decided on ordering tapas style, since I knew the main courses would be heavy dishes. We had Croquetas de Jamon, Bunuelos de Bacalao, Anchoas and Escalivada (of Pimientos only)

For main course, 2 very traditional Catalan Dishes: Bacalao amd Samfaina and Peus de Porc amb Datils i Pinons. Bacalao with Samfaina sauce, a tomato based sauce, with lots of garlic, Piquillo peppers and Eggplant. The Pork was Pig's feet, in a very thick semi sweetish sauce with dates and Pine nuts.

I had the Bacalao so with this and my meal. I had an Albarino Called Lusco, a very light and refreshing Albarino, perfect match for my Bacalao and Anchovies.

A good meal and a place to go if you are looking for home style cooking,


Chinkee said...

Just read your first three entries on your recent trip to Spain. I'm having another major case of "food envy". Can't stop myself from reading though. Keep 'em coming!

Aaron said...

Mig, the Pazo Piniero de Lusco Albarino we had at La Tienda before is the same producer as the Lusco you had. I have a couple of the Luscos too.....we can open that one of these days...

Miguel said...

Chinks - have many more just no time to post..even from my last trip I have pa!

Miguel said...

A - cool!! We can have that in our next Spanish lunch.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!