Friday, April 9, 2010

The Devonshire, London

I've always been curious to try the so called Gastro Pubs in London. These are regular Pubs who have in a way upgraded their menu from the typical Pub food, to a bit more sophisticated dishes, still maintaining being traditional and straight forward food. On my last trip to London, I decided to try The Devonshire, Gordon Ramsey's Gastro-Pub. I know many people do not like him over there but in all honesty, I've been to 2 of his restaurants and I've always enjoyed the food there.

For starters, we had a beer by the bar while waiting for our table. Guiness Draught beer for me. Now on to the starters:

Cornish Sardines on Toast, Celeriac Coleslaw, Green Back Bacon. Fresh Sardines, slightly grilled. The bacon gave it a good smokey taste.

Beetroot, Bosworth Goat's Cheese Toasts, baked walnuts, Sherry Syrup. A Simple Goat's Cheese salad, with some toast. The Sherry syrup gave the dish the sweet contrast. Very good.

Crisp Pig's Trotters, Sauce Gribiche. The best of our starters. Crispy pig's Trotters. On the side was some kind of Tartare sauce. Very good. I could have had a bigger portion of this for my main course.

After a short break, we went on to the mains course:

Cod, Gem Lettuce, Shetland Mussel Broth. Pan Fried Cod, crispy skin, very flavorful broth..

Grilled Onglet Steak, Chips. The chips were awesome, twice or even thrice fried I crunchy. The Steak, tender and rare as we requested, although I my opinion too much sauce.

Over all a good place, and good value for money.


Anonymous said...

That looks fabulous. A must try. You have given me a few places to try on my next trip to London. I agree with you about Gordon Ramsay. I have eaten at Maze and his hospital road restaurant and loved them both.
I couldn't comment on your San Sebastian posts but Yum too! Loved La Cuchara as well! alicia

Miguel said...

Yes definitely...I will try to try another GR restaurant on my next trip in May.

La Cuchara was one of my favorites...I regret not ordering more dishes while I was there..

Anonymous said...

your memmory is like a sponge, i can barely rememeber what we had there much more the flavors. seeing the pics and your descriptions brings it all back.
-Migs V.A.

Chinkee said...

That onglet looks so good! Even the sauce looks delicious... I'm sure I wouldn't mind mixing it into the mashed potatoes. Hassle, now I'm hungry...

Miguel said...

Migs -;s hard fro me to forget if the flavors where good!


Miguel said...

Chinks - it was very good - even with rice it would have been good hahaha!

Brian said...

This is hands down my favorite blog!

Miguel said...

Thanks Brian!