Sunday, April 18, 2010

Agata e Romeo, Rome

I Have lots of pending posts over the past 3-4 I'm desperately trying to update my blog. This post was from my last trip, almost a month ago. Agata e Romeo, another husband and wife team (same as Aimo e Nadia, a similar caliber restaurant), execute perfectly Creative Italian Cuisine. The Restaurant from the outside seems very simple, but as soon as you walk in, you know you are in for a great meal.

For starters, they served us several kinds of bread, including a very interesting muffin, made with some Olive oil and Basil...then a small 'appetizer'..squash soup, which was quite sweet and with a bit of Bacon bits...I had this with a glass of Champagne.

For our starters, 2 Great dishes: Gnocchi di Patate con Vongole, Salsa Basilico e Pomodorini Canditi (Dumpling with Clams, Basil Sauce and Candied Tomatoes) and Budino de Pecorino di Fossa di Sogliano Salsa al Vino dolce, Gelato di Pere e Miele di Castagno (Flan of aged Pecorino Cheese from Sogliano, with Pear Sauce (Gelato) and Chestnut Honey. The Gnocchi was great, quite different since it's a Vongole Gnocchi, but this was perfectly executed. The Aged flan blew my of the best dishes I've had in my meals in Italy. Similar to a twice baked Cheese Souffle, this was so moist and you could taste the Aged Pecorino in every bite. The Pear and Gelato gave this dish a bit of sweetness, which was well in order. This was perfect!

Over all I really enjoyed this Restaurant. I was a bit unsure since I thought it would one of those ultra modern Restaurants. It had the right amount of creativity and excellent service.

For my Main, I had Cinque Modi di Cucinare Il BaccalĂ  ( Salt Cod Medley in Five ways). Poached, fried, grilled, crispy skin, confit...another perfectly executed dish, simple and comfort food for me ( I love Bacalao). The Bacalao used was top notch and had just the right amount of saltiness...

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