Saturday, January 22, 2011

Borough Market, London

I spent the morning in Borough Market today, with 2 objectives: Buy some craft Beer and try a couple of 'popular' sandwiches that are sold there. It was quite cold (approx 3 C), but we braved the cold and the rain to get to this place.

First objective: Accomplished! There is a stall called Utobeer, a shop that specializes in craft beer (mostly UK but there is also a good selection of American and Belgian Beers)

My stash: Samuel Smith Russian Imperial Stout and HardKnott aged barley wine Beer. These are very hard to find around here or anywhere actually, since they are actually produced in very limited batches. The Imperial Stout, as per the label, is a type of beer originally brewed to withstand the abuses of shipping in foul weather to Imperial Russia, hence the name.

After a quick walk to the car to drop off the beer, on we went walking around the market. Every stall has their own specialty, and very unique vendors, who are very creative to attract customers, by singing, shouting, dancing, and even teasing the customers.

Above, Mulled wine, as I learned is very typical here during the winter time. It's red wine, boiled or kept warm with a variety of spices (cinamon, Ginger, etc...) I did not try this but I will make sure to try this next time I'm here.

A huge Paellera serving Green Curry with rice.

My first stop was at Kapacasein, one of the most popular stalls in Borough Market. They are known for their Toasted Cheese Sandwich, made with Sourdough Bread, Montgomery Cheddar Cheese, Onion leaks and garlic.

This was truly delicious, super toasted bread, very crunchy and melted cheddar cheese inside. I suggest you do not leaved Borough market without trying this..

Next stop was at Brindisa, a Spanish Tapas bar that has a stall selling Chorizo rolls. a small roll with 4 ingredients: Rocket, Olive Oil, Chorizo and Pimientos. It's as simple as this but this roll is so good. Normally they have long lines, but we were lucky to have gotten ours fast.

Last stop was the Duck Confit stall...I just could not resist not having this sandwich: Crispy Duck Confit, a roll, Rocket and a bit of Mustard. Again, the key here is simplicity. It can't get any simpler than that, but one of the better sandwiches I've had in a while.

Had a great time but was only there for 2 hours, so I am determined to come back here another time, when the weather is a bit better, to try all the other goodies available. If you have not been here, this is highly recommendable.


S Lloyd said...

I wil be there for 4 days in February. I'll drop by. What are the great markets of London? I would llike to visit the bigger ones on this trip

Miguel said...

Sorry but I'm not so familiar with London. Borough Market is most food to be eaten there but there are a few good butchers there. Not sure where else

Miguel said...

Sorry but I'm not so familiar with London. Borough Market is most food to be eaten there but there are a few good butchers there. Not sure where else

Chinkee said...

Wow! Duck confit! That must have been something. I read about duck confit tacos in food & wine magazine. That must be pretty good too:-). Ok i'm officially hungry.

Keiichi said...

Never been to this part of London. I read several of your recent write-ups and I must say I do need to go to San Sebastian! Good to see you having good break during your work. Cheers Mig

Miguel said...

Chinkee - The Duck Confit was heaven...the bread lang could have been toasted or warm but it was ok...

Keiichi - We've talked abiout San Sebastian before I remember, you really must go. Yes I weas able to take some time off and tour a bit if Europe with Ria..

Juan Cuatrecasas Asua said...

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jimaraneta said...

The Sam Smith RIS and Hardknott Barley Wine are worth sharing ha ? :-) Ill likewise share my 2008 Rogue XS RIS 2010 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine.

Miguel said...

Of course jim im saving that for our tasting..haven't opened them yet :)

Miguel said...

Thank you Juan I will check out your blog now. Saludos and I hope to go to Bilbao some time very soon

Douglas said...

Chap on mulled wine stall is an Aussie about to embark on a round the world trip (by bus). He paints the signs you see in the picture.

Utobeer is meant to suggest 'utopia' - not perfect word-play, I realise!

Miguel said...

hi douglas...I guess you were right I returned 2 weeks ago to the Market and the guys selling mulled wine was no longer there..he must have left already