Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Three Kings

I just got to Barcelona a day ago just in time for Three kings celebration. Unlike the Philippines where it's it's not celebrated at all, here is Spain it is even more important than Christmas.

As a tradition in our family, we gave always celebrated in my aunt's house. There is only one dish served that day: Canelones.

Made with her special recipe ( which she refuses to give me), we look forward to this every year, since we would have this only once a year. When I was younger, we used to have competitions as to who could eat more, my record being at around 16 to 18 pieces. My uncle was the champion, having eaten 32 pieces one year.

This year I was only able to eat 10. It's just too filling, but still delicious. It was a fun lunch ( and long, since we finished lunch at 8 pm) a d significant since it was my first time back for this holiday since I left Spain 12 years ago.

Happy Three Kings to all!!!

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