Sunday, March 6, 2011

Brass Rail Salt Beef Sandwhich - London

Just a quick post from my last trip to London before I start updating with new posts. Salt Beef is very typical in London. This one is one of the better known places for good Salt beef, the Brass Rail is a small shop located inside Selfridges department store on Oxford street in London.

Think of fresh corned beef, but boiled much longer and with salty/herb infused water. The result is a super soft (almost buttery) beef, salty. Its served with Rye bread slathered with English mustard and a giant pickle.

As you line up, the Beef is cut fresh. On the right, they also have Cows Tongue, cooked the same way with Salt and herbs, but I was there for the regular beef, although I will try the tongue soon.

After its cut, its weighed. If you look at the scale, its almost 500 grams, but that was for 2 sandwhiches...

You have a choice of Mayonnaise, Mustard, etc... but the best is to have this with English Mustard. You have to be careful though, since its quite strong and can do major damage to your tongue and nose (think wasabi).

And voila, this is the finished product. I loved the saltiness off the beef, with the rye bread and English Mustard. The pickle is served sliced already, and you normally take one piece for every bite. It gives ita a nice crunchiness. Such a great combination and so simple. I will definitely return to this place hwenever I'm back in London (which is now).


Chinkee said...

Nice post! How i wish I could walk around the corner and grab one of these...

Miguel said...

you bet...wish we could easily have this in Manila...

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