Monday, March 14, 2011

Latteria San Marco revisited

I've been to this place 2 more times since my first time here a year ago. Second time was last October 2010 and my last visit today for lunch.

The place is tiny (only seats around 20 people) and they don't tale reservations nor credit cards so if you do come here come very early or get ready to wait. It's quite packed with mostly local people from the neighborhood so that is always a good sign.

Last October, we had:

Bottarga con Sancino e Pomodori (Bottarga with greens and Tomato). Simply wonderful and look at the quantity of Bottarga thinly sliced !!

Home made Bresaola (air dried Beef)

Rigatoni- this was delicious.

Farro con Mozzarella di Bufala e Pomodorini (wheat grain with mozzarella and cherry Tomatoes). Very healthy but still with lots of flavors from the olive oil used.

Last was my Spaghetti Carbonara. Nothing can beat a well made traditional Carbonara for me. This was perfection. The egg yolk was beneath the pasta, just the right temperature to mix them. Also lots of flavor from the smoked Pancetta.

Today, I was back for lunch and we had the following:

Spaghetti Bottarga - this time grated, was delicious. See again how generous portions of Bottarga.

Nodino di Vitello arrosto (Roasted veal loin)

My dish, Carciofi crudi con Grana. Raw artichokes with Grana Padano. Such simplicity some tines baffles me but this dish really worked. The Artichoke was crunchy, lots of slices of Grana, loads of olive oil and a splash of Lemon. I've noticed Italian cooking is really simple and straight forward. Why do some restaurants want to complicate it so much? This is not a fancy place at all in fact rey don't even have a wine list. Instead they automatically just give you a carraf of house red wine.

This restaurant is a must for me every time I visit Milan!

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Chinkee said...

Amazing-looking food! You're right... The best Italian food is all about using the best ingredients you can find and preparing them simply, letting the natural flavors and textures shine. Looking forward to your Bologna posts, if you've got some. Pasta please!:-)

Miguel said...

Sarap talaga. I wish we had more good Homr style cooking Italian restaurants in Manila