Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gustavus Steak House

Lunch this week was at Gustavus in Makati. I've heard about this place before, but never had the chance to go. Noel then invited us and since he had eaten there 4 times in the span of one month, I figured this had to be a great place.

It's quite a small but very cozy restaurant and with a very friendly Manager/Partner, Mike Gayoso. We started off with a couple of platters of fresh oysters. With that I brought a bottle of GBEX's Rogue Double Dead Guy Ale. The beer was quite strong for the oysters but I still enjoyed it. The Oysters were great, very fresh. Although it comes with 3 different sauces, I just had my plain with a dash of Tabasco.

As the others arrived, we proceeded to order the mains. While waiting though, we still had some Oysters with my favorite Italian white wine, Bruno Giacosa Roero Arneis. We also ordered their special burger, which we all shared as an appetizer(no picture though..).

For main I had The Gustavus Cut Ribeye, rare. The steak was perfectly cooked, and rare as I had ordered. As per Noel this is one of the best things this place has. They are quite consistent in serving the meat the way you order it, wether rare or medium rare.

For sides, I had gnocchi. This was delicious. Slightly crusty on the outside but buttery soft inside.

For wine, we had 2 bottles of red. A 1981 ViƱa Bosconia which Noel brought back from his last trip to HK, and a 94 Montelena from Rene. The Napa held up really well with the steak, and I enjoyed the Rioja with the gnocchi.

Dessert was sinful and deadly. Chocnut Ice cream with bits of brownies and topped with Chocnut. I said I did not want any dessert but I simply could not resist this one.

After lunch, a quick stop at the tasting room to wash down all the food we had. I had a Stone IPA. Perfect way to end the afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for starting and ending with GBeX beers buddy. And i agree, the Double Dead Guy is yummy but a bit too flavorful for the oysters. Oysters and stout, the classic pairing.