Thursday, June 19, 2008

Restaurant Comerc 24 - Barcelona Spain

I went to this restaurant some time last year during my visit to Spain. The restaurant is owned by Carlos Abellan. Carlos made himself at El Bulli, where he acquired extensive professional experience (almost 10 years). He was tasked/entrusted to work in Talaia and Hacienda Benazuza, restaurants owned by the El Bulli group.

His latest creation is Comerc 24, located in the barrio of El Born, a restaurant with the challenge of alternating creation with tradition. The restaurant was awarded with 1 Michelin Star last year.

We had the degustation menu. We had the chance to see Woody Allen dining in the restaurant that night with his wife. He was in barcelona during that time filming a movie with Javier Bardem. Attached some of the pictures.

comerc 24 interior
Interior of Comerc 24

Olives and Golden macadamias
For starters they gave us some appetizers, such as Huge oversized olives with fresh anchovy filling and golden macadamias.

Kinder sorpresa
They called this dish kinder sorpresa (referring to the kinder chocolatre eggs) I found it a bit salty but it was a mouse of egg with trufles at the bottom of the egg.

Sepia ravioli
This dish was called sepia ravioli - raviolis made with sepia, a type of squid. It also had a very thick black sauce made with the ink of the sepia.

The last 2 pictures were the dessert. I didnt have the chance to take a picture of the other dishes we tried, but Im hoping that I can go back there soon to try it again.

Dessert comerc24

Dessert Comerc 24

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