Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ricky Ladia Food lighting workshop

Had the chance to attend a Food lighting shoot/workshop today by Ricky Ladia. It was held in Makati in the studio of Jess Marques and food styling care of Isi Kesner. We had a chance to shoot mostly Filipino food. I didnt use the studio lights for these shots (just used the fluorescent lighting in the studio and a tripod) and very minor post processing.

hi-key Calamansi.jpg
Calamansi - tried something diferent here...I shot this while waiting for the first plate to be styled..


Canapes - crackers with avocado and salsa with dilis

Sili - Again while waiting for the other plates to come out I shot this. I have 2 versions of this since I love spicy food...
Chili sauce.jpg

Now the main course.....
Fried Tilapia with Curry rice, red egg and sili...

Thank you Ricky, Jess and Isi - It was a fun shoot and I hope we can do this again soon...


xpat said...

Dude, I followed the link to this site through your facebook. That's some excellent food styling and photography. I'll definitely be back!


Patrick Deakin

Miguel said...

Thanks patrick :)

Anonymous said...

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