Monday, June 30, 2008

Restaurante La Bodega - Barcelona

Ive been to this restaurant several times already but have only been able to document it once (my last visit). Located in the upper residential part of Barcelona (in Calle Via Augusta). The restaurant has been operating for several years already and is considered a very typical classic rest in Barcelona.

The food is very traditional home style cooking. What makes this place interesting/different is the way the menu is presented. Aside from the regular menu, there are dishes that are made daily that are not in the menu. The waiters and cooks bring out the dishes/pyrexes with the food and they bring them to your table one by one, if you like any of the food then just tell them and they leave it in your table. Its a tradition that has been done always in the restaurant and its quite fun since the waiters/cooks kinda shout out what they are showing you. Quite amusing.

Below are some pictures of the food we ordered. Initially we had some typical tapas (olives and croquetas, we also had a dish with bacalao (4 different ways of cooking them) and a leg of lamb. They alkso have a quite extensive wine menu mostly Riojas and Priorato wines.


Bacalao cooked 4 different ways

Leg of Lamb


Gourmet Traveller said...

Hi Miguel,

Nice blog you have here. As you live in Manila and seem to love wine, you should check out my mom's wines (Titania Wines) and her restaurant (La Vigne). Tell her you found me through my blog.

Gourmet Traveller

Miguel said...

Thanks...Ill try out the restaurant you mention - and also the wines.

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