Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gaudi, Serendra

I've eaten in Gaudi countless times and the day I decide to blog about it is the day that the food was so-so...I've always had great meals in Gaudi (the last one some 2-3 months ago for my sisters birthday). We had the Chuleton and 2 paellas and everything was great. I had lunch there today with my Dad and since I was watching my diet (in preparation for my Spain trip this week) I decided to go healthy.

For starters we had a Gaudi Salad, which had lettuce, tomato, Asparagus, tuna and corn. I had a very light vinaigrette. The salad was quite refreshing and very light. I had the salad with a glass of white wine from Rueda (Marques de Riscal I believe). Rueda region is DO situated in the provinces of Segovia and Valladolid. They are known for their white wines made of Verdejo grape and occasionally mixed with Sauvignon Blanc.

For our main course, my Dad had the Lapu Lapu al Pil-Pil. Pil-Pil is a suace which comes from the basque region of Spain. Its made from Oil in which the fish was cooked from with lots of garlic and guindillas (small hot peppers). I had the Lapu Lapu en Salsa Verde, which was basically fish with sauce made from Oil, Parsley and Garlic.

Both dishes were ok although nothing really to rave about. The Fish was Lapu Lapu fillet and quite fresh but lacked taste. Definitely the next time I will go to Gaudi, I will stick to the sure thing: Chuleton (large steak served on a hot plate with rock salt) and any of their Paellas.

Oh, if you have never been there and you plan to visit, be sure to try also the Rollitos Gaudi (chorizo in lumpia wrapper deep fried) and the Boquerones (white anchovies served in vinegar and oil).


Noel said...

I like the chuleton and boquerĂ³nes of Gaudi too! The latter with some good, chilled Rueda Verdejo is excellent. Have a nice trip!


Miguel said...

Definitely a good combination....thanks see you soon.