Monday, September 29, 2008

Tapac 24, Barcelona

Ive been wanting to try out this place ever since I heard about it. Tapac 24 is a tapas restaurants (Tapac is tapas in catalan) located in Calle Diputacion corner Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. Its part of the group of restaurants of the chef Carles Abellan. His main restaurant is Comerc 24 , a 1 star Michelin located in the Calle Comerc of Barcelonas hip Borne district. Carles Abellan had worked with Ferran Adria in the famed El Bulli for 10 years. I ate in Comerc 24 last year (see blog here) but wasn't quite so impressed with the food although most of the dishes were very creative.
Tapac 24 is different. a very simple tapas restaurant...hardly any tables and a long line of people waiting. We got there at almost 3:30 Pm and there was a line of around 10 people waiting to be we patiently waited and in about 20 minutes we were given a table. I was surprised how friendly the waiters were despite the fact of the place being very full...We ordered our tapas and they were brought to our table promptly and always with a smile:

Patatas Braves - fries with All i Oli and their special spicy sauce - quite good and pretty close to what I consider the best Patatas braves in Barcelona (Bar Tomas).

Next we had the Calamares a la Romana en su Tinta (deep fried Calamares in their ink) very fresh and tasty. Also very creative in presentation..

Bikini Comerc 24. Bikini is traditionally a sandwich with Farmers ham and cheese a la plancha. In this case they served it with Jamon Iberico, Queso manchego and truffle oil. Very tasty although for my taste they put too much truffle oil.
Next we had the Mc Foie-Burger - a small burger that's was served with Mayonnaise and Foie. This was delicious and reminded me of a Tartare of the foie of course..

The last 2 dishes we had was the arroz negro and huevos estrellados. The arroz negro was a bit salty to my taste but tasteful never the less. The huevos estrelladois is fries with butifarra and a broken fried egg on top. Such a simple yet great dish.

Over all this is one of the better tapas places I've been to in Barcelona lately...great combination of simple fresh ingredients with a little dash of creativity. Good Job By Chef Carles Abellan. Oh and if you do plan to go just be patient. There are long lines but it goes by fast. I would recommend this to anybody going to Barcelona....


rsh said...
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Gourmet Traveller said...

I love Tapac24 and would go back anytime for those super tapas.

Miguel said...

Yup - I love the tapas in T24 although I also liked the tapas in Paco Meralgo - more traditional also but very good.