Friday, January 1, 2010

Dinner at the Doc's House

December 14 was dinner at the Doc's house. I had been looking forward to this dinner, since I heard that food is always good in his house, and I was not wrong. Noel was to to season/Grill the Steak while we had our appetizers, which he did while the others had not arrived yet.

As we arrived and for starters, we were served Champagne Krug Grande Cuvée Brut NV paired with Sushi from Toki and Dulong with toast. The Sushi, I think served in honor of Keichi, was excellent and the spicy Dulong, excellently paired with the Champagne.

We were also served a 2007 Joh. Jos. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett , a Riesling Kabinett. This was also quite enjoyable, since it is not as sweet as a Spatlese. A very good match with the Spicy Dulong.

Noel then proceeded to grill the steaks, as Doc and I watched how he did it. I've always thought grilling steaks was quite hard, but after seeing how Noel did it, it did not look as complicated and it was done quite fast actually.

After grilling, the steaks where let to rest around 10 minutes before serving:

Dinner was then served in their formal dining room. For starters, we had a simple yet delicious Caesar's Salad. This is a salad I really enjoy, so simple yet when well done can be very good.

The Doc then served us 2 reds blind, which I had with the Snake River farms US Prime Grade Rib-Eye. I enjoyed wine #1 better with the Steak, since it seemed to be a younger more full bodied wine, while the second wine was a more elegant wine. Wine #1 was a 1998 Vega Sicilia Valbuena 5 and wine #2 turned out to be a 1994 Vega Sicilia Único. I loved both wines, enjoying the Valbuena with the Steak and the Unico on it's own and later on with the Cheese platter. Thank you Doc for this special treat, since I really love Spanish wines and Vega Sicila is probably the best if not one of the best producers in Spain.

The Doc then opened another bottle, this time a Bordeaux: 1990 Château Gruaud Larose which we had with the Cheese platter, Dried Figs, dates and Apricot. Noel had mentioned later that the bottle was slightly off, or corked, but for me it was still quite enjoyable. Doc also opened a bottle of Sauternes for the cheese: 2001 Château Suduiraut, a light Sauternes which went very well with our cheese.

More dessert followed with the sinful and delicious Home made Ice Cream of Mrs. Doc. I must say this is probably the best Ice Cream I've had, so rich and creamy, I could not help myself from having 2 servings. They also served home made cookies served with the Ice Cream.

Thank you Doc and Mrs. Doc for inviting us to your house. I enjoyed everything, every thing, from the food, the setting, the wines and the company was great!!


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Miguel said...

Thanks! I really had a great time...

Chinkee said...

Great food pics, Mig! Now I'm craving for a really good steak...

Btw, I spied Noel's tupperware of secret herbs and spices for his steaks. I'll text him nga and see if he wouldn't mind sharing his steak rub with me:-)

ChichaJo said...

I recognize the doc! :)