Friday, January 1, 2010

Usual Suspects Roast Goose Lunch at Je Suis Gourmand

Another one of those Christmas meals..I think we had a total of 4-5 before Christmas..this time it was as Je Suis Gourmand. Noel had suggested we have a typical Roast Goose (typical German Christmas meal I think) and of course we all agreed.

For starters though, we had a bottle of Piper Heidsieck Cuvée Rare Champagne NV of course care of Jay. Very refreshing fruity, slightly sweetish Champagne.

Photo care of Noel

Our First course was then served: Warm Duck Foie Gras Gateau with Roasted Scallops & Pan-Seared Duck Foie Gras. I love this dish, which we had already last year for another Christmas Lunch at JSG. This is a very rich dish, since the Gateau is also made of Foie Gras. I enjoyed this with the little Champagne I had left in my glass.

As soon as we were done, most of the reds were opened: Jojo's 1999 Château Trotanoy, My 1999 La Granja Remelluri Rioja Gran Reserva, Keichi's 2001 Peter Thustrup Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru, Aarons 1990 Château La Fleur de Gay.

I enjoyed all wines, my favorite being Aaron's la Fleur de Gay. I was also expecting more from my Remelluri, which I found was a bit soft and a very safe wine. It was very light bodied and perhaps needs more time in the bottle.

Our main course was then presented to us by Marc, who appeared out of nowhere and said: "Gentlemen, your Goose is ready"

Photo care of Noel

He then brought it back to the kitchen, to carve and plate it, and this is what we got:

I must say at first I was not too sure about having the Roast Goose for lunch, since I had never tried it. This turned out to be delicious, complete with stuffing, gravy and Red Cabbage and Potato Dumplings. The best thing about this dish was the wine we had with it. Jay had suggest during our emails about the menu that a typical/regional paring for this would be a Riesling, so Jay brought a 2003 Gunderloch Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling Spatlese. This was for me one of the best if not the best food and wine pairing this year. Thank you Jay for bring this was a great match.

We had to take a long break before dessert, since we were all quite stuffed with all the food. The food was so delicious that I just ate it too fast and was really quite after an approximate 20 minute break, we continued. We first had a cheese course, which we continued having with the reds. Another red was opened: Rene's 2001 Chateau La Tour Haut-Brion. I have had this a few times and it is quite enjoyable. a Medium bodied wine which went very well with the cheese platter.

After another long break, we finally had the dessert. Another 'special' request from Noel and one that would match perfectly with our Roast Goose meal: Chestnut and Butter Cream Christmas Log with Sauce & Marrons Glacés (Buche de Noel). Very very rich dessert, which none of us were able to finish (except Keichi). We had this great dessert with another good pairing: 1998 Leon Beyer Gewurztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles (Noels wine). I must admit I was not a fan of sweet wines but I have learned how and when to enjoy them, and this time was one of those times i really enjoyed it.

With no more space for anything, we lingered around over coffee and more wine. Thank you guys fro all the good wines we had, Noel for suggesting the Roast goose and Marc for preparing it!! Truly a great and fun lunch! Thank you again to Noel, since I used some of his pictures for this post.

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