Sunday, June 6, 2010

Restaurante Manairo, Barcelona

On my last trip to Barcelona, I was told by my Aunt that I had to try this place called Manairo. It has been existing for many years, and has been recently awarded with a Michelin Star. The Chef, Jordi Herrera bases his concept on the use of the highest quality ingredients, make use the of the Gastronomic culture of Catalunya. The Cuisine here is modern Catalan, not forgetting basic classic cooking techniques.

We start off with a glass of fino and some olives. After finishing off 2 glasses each, the show begins:

Amuse Bouche: Pate de Sardinas a la Brasa and Xoff the Pan con Tomate (Pate of Grilled Sardines and Pan con Tomate)

Next was Croqueta de Pollo asado con aceite de Picada, which I forgot to take a photo of. The Croquetas was like those home made ones, very crispy but very moist inside. In lieu of the photo of the Croqueta, here is a picture of the stand that holds their wine you can see very creative. This was made of metal bars used for construction.

After a quick break, Pizza de Gorgonzola con tomate Trufado, very tasty, with a strong Truffle scent.

Then, Calamares de Huevos Fritos con Patata, the Calamares were actually outside the batter. Inside the batter was egg yolk. Quite tasty and creative.

Arroz de Cordero y Queso Manchego, another one of those very tasty dishes, What I like about this restaurant is it is creative, but they are actually tasty too.

Rape con Estofado de Sepia y "Cap i Pota". - Again I have no picture of this.I must have been on my third or fourth glass of wine already here...

Solomillo de Buey al Fackir Coock (Al Clavo Ardiente) Beef Tenderloin a la Fackir, a more middle Eastern taste in this dish which was quite good.

For the wine, the Sommelier recommended a 2004 Finca Allende, a medium bodied Rioja, bold fruity wine, which paired very well with the Beef Tenderloin. Wine service was very good, one of the best I've experienced in Spain. From the glasses, to the Sommelier was perfect.

For dessert, Kaipirina and Toriija de Helado de Queso and Petit Fours. Again no picture of the Kaipirina, but the Torrija was one of the best I've had, close to the one that Chef Javi makes for us in la Tienda.

Over all a great experience, great tasting food and value for money. I would definitely come back if I had the chance.

More to come soon..


Noel said...

Too bad no photo of the rape, I was curious to see how they did it. That's one ugly looking fish when it's whole, but it is delicious!


Miguel said...

I actually may have the Picture of the Rape...I'll check if it's still in my camera. Ya it's one ugly fish but tastes soo good!!