Monday, June 21, 2010

Tapas at Barcino

I heard from some people that Barcino had a new Chef, and that they seemed serious about improving their food, so I decided to give it a try. I had gone several times to Barcino (at Ortigas and Fort) but was never really convinced about the food. Seems they have gone a long way from when they started serving microwaved Paella and cold Croquetas. They even have a life size cut out poster of Jaume Vinyallonga, the Chef. As he told me, he has had experience working in the 3 star Michelin restaurant Akelarre in San Sebastian, then moved back to Girona to work with the Roca brothers, ownder and Chefs of Celler de Can Roca, another 3 star Restaurant.

We decided to try their new flagship branch, at Greenbelt 2. The place is nice, with lots of Spanish decor and memorabilia. I particularly like this frame, since it's a picture of Nou Camp..hmm the owners I know for a fact are Barcelona fans just like myself.

The Menu, posted on the blackboard, was mostly tapas and Wine. They have a more extensive menu a la carte.
We started out with the martin Codax Albarino and a bottle of Spanish beer called Estrella Galicia. Being from Spain, I wonder why they chose to bring in that beer, when there are much better ones like Mahou, Voll Damm, Cruzcampo, etc..This was quite ok and refreshing, specially since it was so hot outside.

I opted for the following tapas:

Surtido de Pintxos (Bacalao, Chistorra, Salmon and Morcilla with Shitake mushrooms)

Croquetas and Butifarra Blanca

Montadito de Morcilla y Huevo

Alcachofas con Jamon (Artichokes with Jamon Serrano)

Over all, I could say that the tapas are decent, They do have a wide selection of tapas and more sit down type of dishes (paella, solomillo, etc..) which I did not have the chance to try. I must say that the food has really improved with the Chef Jaume. I will definitely be back soon to try out more of the Tapas and Pintxos they have available.


Noel said...

Mig, maybe you can find out if they will charge us corkage? If not, let's go there with the guys, bring out own wines and try everything out.


Miguel said...

I'll email him and find out. Keep you posted. Yes it will be fun if we can organize something there.

domesticgoddess said...

Thanks for the tip. Will have to check it out soon. Am enjoying tapas tonight at La Tienda , maybe next week!

Ines said...

Let me know when you guys hit up Barcino! I drop by there from time to time for a glass since I'm right around the corner at Sugi.

I've been meaning to try out their tapas- looks like an improvement.

I'm sure Uri and Rafael won't have much of a problem with the corkage issue :)

Miguel said...

Hope you enjoyed at la tienda!

Miguel said...

Ines - yes..quite an improvement from before. Thanks

Aaron said...


Sergi told me corkage will be waived for us. We just have to let him know when we plan to go.

Noel said...

Good work, Aaron! Let's take this discussion to e-mail and plan it.


Anonymous said...

wow definitely looks like an improvement---about time. Loved hanging out in Barcino ortigas, but we always go before or after dinner since the food was always a lackluster...

Miguel said...

Yes...definitely an improvement from what it was before.