Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Hinds Head Pub, Bray, London

I was in London a few weeks ago and ended up in a town near Bray. I remembered that that was the home of the Fat Duck, Heston Blumenthal's Top Restaurant, and also remembered that he had a pub right across, Called The Hinds Head, so we decided to have lunch there. We were quite lucky to get a table since the place was quite full, we called a few minutes in advance and they gave us a table.

As we were seated, we proceeded to order our appetizers, typical English Pub food but with Heston's magic touch:

Scotch and Eggs: Crispy on the outside and moist almost soft boiled egg on the inside..lovely!

Pork Pie: Another classic, served with English Mustard.

Last, Devils on Horseback: Prune, stuffed with mango Chutney and wrapped in Bacon. It's baked so its not as oily as the fried version.

I enjoyed the 3, but the Scotch and Eggs were my favorite. After a quick break, we had our main courses:

Salad of Raw Scottish Beef with Raddicchio and Horseradish: Of course, anything raw always catches my attention. This was thinly sliced beef like Carpaccio, with a light salad. Very good.

Next, Oxtail and Kidney Pudding: This was my best dish of the meal(the picture does not do justice to how this dish tasted). Bread pudding stuffed with Oxtail and kidneys, with a thick gravy sauce. Genius!

Last, Aberdeenshire Rump Steak with Bone Marrow Sauce and Fries: This dish was just so-so but the fries were exceptionally good. Twice fried I think.

A quick walk after lunch led me to The Fat Duck Restaurant, just 50 meters away. a very simple place, although it's a place of worship for foodies worldwide. You need 2 months notice to eat there, so some time soon I'll get there.


Chinkee said...

Nice to see you blogging again!:-) Those scotch and eggs look delicious... what's that coating around the eggs?

Anonymous said...


A very traditional & popular British snack! These look especially good ones - usually the eggs are very hard boiled.

Scotch eggs are coated with sausage meat - ground pork with herbs & spices plus probably some breadcrumbs. Then deep fried.

Robert B

Anonymous said...


Yes the Hinds Head is a good choice - mostly traditional British food well prepared. Very different to the Fat Duck but a lot cheaper! Maybe we will get our meal at the FD together one day.

BTW an English "pudding" is not made from bread. It is pastry made using suet (kidney fat) as shortening and then steamed. If done well it is delicious.

Robert B

Chinkee said...

@Robert- Oh wow! I never would have thought of wrapping egg with sausage and then deep-frying it. Amazing:-)Would love to try it someday. Thanks for the info...

Miguel said...

Robert - thanks on the clarification on English Pudding...this one I had was excellent.

Yes maybe some day we can get to the FD :)

Miguel said...

Chinkee - Scotch and Eggs are my favorite Pub snack..but has to be properly done like this one here...