Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taka Kaiseki Lunch

Another one of my Birthday week celebrations, this time with R and E. I had been wanting to try this restaurant for a while since I heard it was one of the best Japanese. Its a very small restaurant (3 private rooms and a bar that fits 6 people) located in Pasay Road, Makati.

They specialize in Kaiseki (Traditional Multi Course Japanese Dinner). Reservation at this restaurant must be made in advance and even the food has to be ordered ahead. We opted for the "TAKA COURSE" which was the most complete (and expensive) of the menu.

While waiting, we had already popped a bottle of MOET CHANDON BRUT IMPERIAL, to pair with the Sashimi and other seafood dishes we thought we would have.

First was the appetizer: NIGIMA SUMISO - Chicken Breast with Scallions in a vinegar-Mustard-Miso dressing. This was quite tasty, the chicken being very tender and perfectly cooked.

SASHIMI - Tuna and Shrimp Sashimi was what we were served., Honestly, I was a bit dissapointed with the Tuna, as I found it very ordinary and mid level quality. The Shrimp (Ama Ebi) was another story. So fresh, juicy and sweet, as you bite it, you feel a rush of creaminess in your mouth. I have never tried Shrimp Sashimi like this before..very good.

Next was the YAKIMONO (Grilled dish) - Don't get fooled by the picture. This was a tiny portions of (probably 50 grams) of IZU Beef, although this was very good, almost like butter. I wish they had give us more of this...

NIMUNO (Boiled Dish) - I think this was Duck meat with seasonal Vegetables, Shitake Mushrooms and some sort of seaweed I think. Again this dish was ok, although I really did not find anything special with it. The Broth though was very tasty and complemented very well the Duck.

Next was the SUNUMUNO (Sour Dish) - This dish was called YUBA (or Tofu Skin) which is a sort of dried Bean Curd. It was wrapped and deep fried, served with a little Calamansi and one Shrimp cracker (Kropek). Another ordinary dish, to me at least. It was tasteless if not for the Calamansi that was given to us.

Next, ZUWAI GANI (Boiled Snow Crab) - Very nice presentation on this dish. Crab was very fresh, with a very softy shell.

Last dish was the NIGIRI SUSHI - 5 pieces of Sushi, the highlight of which was the O-TORO and the Scallop.

For dessert, they served us Japanese Melon (no picture) which was very very sweet. We liked this so much that we ordered 2 more.

We had 2 red wines: 1995 Campillo Gran Reserva and a 2005 Chateau Pouget from Margaux. Both very easy to drink wines, although I would have wanted so more meat to have with them.

Over all, I was expecting a bit more from this restaurant (after all the hype that has been going on about it) and I think this was way overpriced (I do not normally talk about prices in my blogs, but this was I found very expensive).


encantadisimo said...

Kaiseki style is always attractive. Nice photos....

Noel said...

...and I think this was way overpriced (I do not normally talk about prices in my blogs, but this was I found very expensive).

Maybe they should re-name the restaurant "Tagâ" instead of "Taka". Heh heh heh.

Miguel said...

@ encantadisimo - Gracias !

Miguel said...

@ Noel - You could not have said it better hahaha

Anonymous said...

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