Friday, November 11, 2011

Antonios Tagaytay

Had lunch yesterday after a long time. I forgot how good the food is.

The best Steak Tartare I've had (and I've had many) is this one.

The Duck Leg Confit, the best I've had in the Philippines.


Gourmet Traveller said...

That reminds me of my lunch last week. Just for that steak tartare, it's worth the drive up to Tagaytay.

Noel said...

Migs, give the steak tartare at Tivoli another shot. Last time I was there (2 weeks ago) it was quite good. A little creamier than that of Antonio's, but nowhere near over-the-top creamy and more flavorful than the one of I am Angus.


Chinkee said...

I love Antonio's! Going there with Matt's cousins from Chicago when they visit in December. Woohoo!:-)

iFoodTrip said...

The best steak tartare you've ever had? That is a compliment and I do agree.