Friday, December 5, 2008

CAV, Serendra

Just a short quick blog about CAV. Have been there several times but have never really had lunch or dinner there. Just tried the wines and some appetizers. Tita B (who reads my blog) who knows I love Steak Tartare, told me that CAV served Steak Tartare. So obviously I had to try it.

I had it with a french Rose wine (Cant remember the name). It was served to me in a long plate with a little salad and a fried quail egg on top. This is the first time I am served Tartare like this and to be hones I liked it (I didn't eat the egg). Tartare is such a simple dish that I wish restaurants take more time to present it better. The best presented tartare for mne was aside from Cav, the one I ate in Robuchon a Galera in Macau. The worst?? La Regalade (the just slapped the tartare on a plate with no garnish whatsoever).

Ok lets talk about the taste...I was surprised it was quite good. The pieces of meat were finely chopped, it had onions and little capers. It was good because you could taste the freshness of the meat and at the end, it had as kick of mustard/Horseradish. It was also served with crackers which is how I like it. The salad was great - with very fine shoestring potatoes.

Great dish and I do plan to come back there just to eat that again. I'm happy that more and more restaurants have this on the menu. If anybody knows where else they serve Tartare, please do let me know.


Noel said...

Te estás convirtiendo en un vampiro.

And I can't believe you and Edwin ate and drank at CAV right before the paella later that evening!


Miguel said...

hehe si...tanta carne cruda...hehehe

Well I saw the opportunity and we were killing we didnt think twice :)