Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lolo Dads, Manila

My family from the U.S. arrived so we decided to take Mom out and decided on Lolo Dads. I had called to make a reservation for 10. Obsessed that I am with Steak Tartare, I thought I'd try my luck and ask the Chef if he could make a special order for me. I called again and asked for the cellphone of the Chef(since the person I was talking to didnt know what Tartare was) and I texted him my request. Didn't get a reply so re-sent the message 2-3 more times. Still no reply. I decided to call again and asked if this was possible. The manager of the Makati Branch told me that it wouldn't because the Chef said he was going to be in the Makati branch that night. I perfectly understand this and I myself will not eat Tartare (since its raw meat) if not made by the chef. Only disappointing thing is that he never bothered to reply to my messages...oh well....

Anyway we got to the Restaurant and immediately ordered our appetizers and main dishes. We had ordered the appetizer sampler plus oysters. I had the waiter check if they had stock and after checking with the kitchen he said ok. Our appetizers arrived and when we were almost done eating them, the waiter tells us that there are no more oysters because there was another group that had it reserved..?? I really didn't like this but what could I do? We just ordered another sampler set. Anyway enough of this and lets move on to the food...

-Seared Duck Foie gras and Goose liver Terrine
Cranberry compote, Highland greens and Black vinegar reduction
-Romaine Caesar salad
Whole Anchovies, crispy Pancetta and Six minute boiled Egg
-Mesclun salad with Salmon Gravlax
Feta cheese, Kalamata olives and Warm Gralic-Bacon Vinaigrette
-Soft shell crab Parmigiana
Mixed salad leaves and Horseradish aioli
-Lightly sear Ahi Tuna and smoked Prawns
Grilled Watermelon and Artichoke salad
-Double Espresso soup
Individual presentation of creamed Tomatoes and Mushrooms with Fleuron
-Seafood Pot-au-feu
Boiling seafood broth flavoured with Saffron, Baby Lobster and steamed fish dumpling

Ive tried this appetizers the last 2-3 times I've eaten there...and nothing really stood out. The only thing interesting for me was the seared ahi Tuna with watermelon. The Foie I think was over done (it was dark and quite dry).

For main course, I had the Confit of Duck leg (Chestnut muffin and Lavander Jus’) and R had the Grilled filled of Halibut and Baby Lobster tail (Garlic fried Potatoes and sauteed vegetables)

Presentation of the dishes were quite poor for me. Taste wise, I liked the Duck but was not so happy with the Lavander jus...I think it was too bland and the Halibut was cooked just right. At this point I was regretting having ordered the duck and was telling myself that I should have ordered the Lamb, which looked much more appetizing than my Duck....

For Dessert we had a sampler of Desserts which I did not try. I really wasn't in the mood for dessert since I was quite full from the main course....While waiting for the coffee I was able to take this shot of how the people in the Kitchen prepare the food...

Over all it was an -OK- dinner. The company was great and we enjoyed and laughed a lot. Oh... another good thing is that they do not charge corkage, So I brought a Marques de Caceres Magnum and a Homenaje Rosado to start the night.


Noel said...

Our appetizers arrived and when we were almost done eating them, the waiter tells us that there are no more oysters because there was another group that had it reserved..?? I really didn't like this but what could I do?

Yeah, I hate it when that happens. I'd certainly expect a lot more from Lolodad's. Come to think of it, my last lunch there with the Beef & Burgundy Club was a little lackluster. The lamb was still good, but the other stuff was merely passable. Edouard, who was also there at the time, said the same thing.

Miguel said...

You're right. Service could be greatly improved on their part.

Definitely I think the lamb is worth ordering. The

Chinkee said...

I haven't gone back to Lolo Dad's for more than a year now. Good to know I'm not missing out... Sad, though, because their chefs are winning all of these awards abroad, right? Talk about resting on ones laurels...

Ruth said...

Lovely posts. Hope you could include the price/budget for each resto. ;)

Anonymous said... has a 51% off deal at Lolo Dad's! 5-course meal for P1,000 instead of P2,020. The pictures look so nice they're making me hungry :)