Saturday, December 6, 2008

Majestic Ham

I tried the third ham on my list (although I've tried this ham many times before) and for me this was my preferred one. I think the reason I like this is the way the ham is cooked/prepared. Its cooked then smoked then aged in wooden barrels. Its not completely cured like Spanish Jamon Serrano but its definitely cured (unlike Excelente and Adelinas). taste wise its saltier then the others and dry, which is how I like it.

For me, the best way to enjoy Majestic ham is with Pan de Sal. I put mayonnaise and mustard. My favorite is the Honey mustard. The tangy mustard gives a good contrast to the sweetness of the Honey and the ham which is a bit salty.

So I guess for Christmas, I'll buy a leg of Majestic ham, which is approximately 3,000 pesos and widely available in many malls around the Metro.


Chinkee said...

Now THAT'S a good-looking sandwich!:-)

Noel said...

So, in the end, all roads apparently lead to Majestic. I don't know if I've ever tried the other brands, but Majestic has been our family's Christmas ham for decades.

And, yes, I'm with Chinkee - that's a damn good looking sandwich.


brian said...

how much compared to excelente?