Saturday, December 6, 2008

La Tienda - Revisited

Dinner last week was at La Tienda. I wanted Noel to try the Paella that Chef Javi makes which is the way I like it. E also joined us for the dinner. As soon as we arrived, we opened the wines we brought for the dinner to let them breathe.

Appetizers were immediately served. For starters, Chef Javi served us his version of steak Tartare (since he knows I really like this). Good way to start a meal...For our main appetizers, I asked him to prepare Pulpo a la Gallega, Escalivada and Boquerones. The Escalivada was served first which we drank with the Rose wine that Noel brought (La Bandol). This is my favorite Rose wine, very crisp and refreshing. Goes well with anything. The escalivada is a mixture of grilled eggplant and peppers, with a little Olive oil.

Then we were served the Pulpo a La Gallega and Boquuerones. Pulpo is Octopus served a la Gallega (the Galician way) with olive oil and lots of Pimenton (paprika) served in a wooden plate. The Boquerones are fillet fish that are soaked overnight in Vinegar, then served with Olive oil, garlic, tomato and onions. Both appetizers were delicious and paired with a 2006 Laxas Albarino white Wine. Albarino is a type of white wine grape only grown in Galicia. Very refreshing, clean and crisp white wine that goes perfectly with grilled seafood. I specially enjoyed the Boquerones with this wine.


Pulpo a la Gallega

For our main course, we ordered Paella de Verduras with Basmati rice (Vegetable Paella with Basmati rice), Besugo a la vizcaina and Chuleton.

The Paella in my opinion was perfect. Just the right cooking time. I normally just like the rice in the paella and don't eat the rest of the topping, so this one is perfect for me. Also the Basmati rice gives this dish a great fragrance. Such simple dish but so tasteful.

The Besugo a la Vizcaina is baked with olive oil, lots of garlic and Parsley. Another simple dish yet with lots of taste. The fish is very fresh and a perfect companion to the Paella de verduras.

The Chuleton (steak) was the meat dish of our dinner. cooked outside and rare inside. This dish paired very well with the bottle of 2005 Torres Salmos Priorato that I brought. Priorato is a region in Catalunya where the have been mkingpowerful deep red wines for more than 8 centuries. The 2005 Salmos is composed of Garnacha, Syrah, Carinena, and Cabernet Sauvignon aged for 9 months in new French oak. This full bodied wine was the perfect paring for the Chuleton we had. The other red wine we drank was the Beronia Grand Reserva 1996, which is almost 90% Tempranillo. Very smooth taste not as powerful as the Priorato, but equally as good.

To end the night, we had coffee since we had no more room for dessert. I definitely enjoyed this dinner and hope that the rest did.


Chinkee said...

Gorgeous food pics, Miguel.:-)

Noel said...

Definitely. I really need to buy myself a nice camera, not mention learn how to use it. They make my pictures look like cr*p.

Two posts in a day - someone was certainly busy writing last night.

C and I greatly enjoyed the evening, especially the absolutely perfectly cooked paella. I also now see why you and the Doc always order the besugo al Vizcaina. The restaurant's pinoy "Trio los Panchos" added a nice touch, I think.

Will definitely be back to La Tienda Makati soon. My older kids saw the pictures of the food and asked if they could try it out.

Thanks, again, for arranging the evening!


Miguel said...

Ya I can recommend to you what camera you should get :)

Yes was just home last night resting so decided to updaste the blog heheh..

Besugo is a must when im there and the paella. The rest depends on what we feel like eating...Your kids will definite love this also and ya the Trio los Panchos gives it this nostalgic feel to the place hehehe

Miguel said...

Thanks Chinkee :)I try my best to take great shots :)

Anonymous said...

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