Sunday, April 3, 2011

Indian food with an IPA

A very relaxing Sunday lunch today since we were quite tired from the weekend. I decided to cook Biryani Rice and Rogan Josh for lunch, served with some cucumber and Yogurt. I paired this with beer. A Southern Tier India Pale Ale. Pairing was great this beer is quite light and refreshing contrasting the spiciness of the Rogan Josh and the spices of the Biryani.

I need to stock up on more IPA's at home...


jimaraneta said...

Thanks Miguel.

For Mamou on friday id like to experiment with a couple of my Pacific Northwest IPA's for the starters and my 2008 XS Imperial Stout for the main course (This is not available anywhere except in my storage).

However i also don't mind going with the Pauillac if the majority prefers?

Miguel said...

if you ask me, I would go for the aged stout. But at the end, it's whatever you feel like drinking.

The Paulliac is a bit young pa so you can age that a bit longer.


Noel said...

I'd like to try out the stout with the steak as well, but, as Mig said, bring whatever you feel like!

jimaraneta said...

Done deal! I will bring the 3 year old imperial stout then. This comes in a 750ml bottle and should have mellowed quite a bit as compared to the 2010 that you had with the cabrales.

This 2008 should go well with the steak. If it works i have 4 more. 1 bottle each til 2015.