Friday, April 8, 2011

Steak with an Aged Imperial Russian Stout

I Had lunch at Mamou yesterday with the usuals. Aside from all the wine we had with the steak, the Beertender (Jim) brought a bottle of an 2008 Rogue Imperial Russian Stout. This is not sold locally as this is from his personal collection.

This beer was quite robust/full bodied with lots of chocolate and coffee notes. With the steak, I found it at first quite overpowering, but as it warmed up and stayed longer in the glass, it sort of opened up and was actually a good pairing. As Noel mentioned it was perfect for the steak slightly charred.

I liked this pairing and will definitely experiment more with steak and beer. Maybe a lighter stout or a non aged one. Or maybe decanting it will work? Can you really decant beer like it were wine? I will keep all of you posted.


jimaraneta said...

A usual fun lunch with The Usuals! My only problem is i don't know how to stop with all the excellent wine on the table.

Miguel said...

hahaha...and ya we drank a lot yesterday! Til the next one!