Monday, April 18, 2011


I just came back from a trip to Europe a few weeks ago and was in Paris for 3 days. Had the chance to eat in a couple of good Bistros and a Morrocan restaurant. Was also lucky enough to meet up with some good friends who took me to some great here are some pics of my 3 days in Paris... My first meal there was at a place called Chez Dumonet. This was recommended by a fiend who lives there who took me around while I was there. This is a typical french Bistro, specializing in Duck Confit and many other french comfort foods. For starters, I had smoked salmon. Very simple and fresh smoked salmon, some lemon and a little creme fraiche...I had this with their house white wine, a Pouilly Fume.

For my main, I had to have the Duck leg confit. This as I read was one of the specialties of the restaurant. I know this is quite simple and readily available to order even here in Manila but believe me it's hard to find the same level Duck confit in Manila if you compare to this one I had. For starters this leg was HUGE, super crispy on th outside but still so soft, tender and juicy on the inside. Accompanied by some potatoes and a salad, this was really great.

My friend had Steak tartare. Tartare lover that I am, I was glad she ordered it since I was dying to taste it. Its made in front of you with very minimal, basic ingredients (mustard, capers, onions, Tabasco, etc..) This one was super creamy (unlike some I've tried that are too dry) and slightly spicy but not too spicy, this was just right. One of the better ones I've tried..

I will cut this short here and have a part on Paris, since I am back here as I write this and will have more to write about soon.

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