Monday, July 14, 2008

KIKUFUJI Restaurant, Makati Philippines

Had lunch with my friend E in this Japanese Restaurant. One of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Manila. The food is always fresh and place is always full of Japanese so thats a good sign.

Ive probably eaten there more than 10-15 times in the past year and I always order the same dishes:

-Special Kani salad
-Spicy Tuna Sashimi
-Sashimi (salmon, tuna and tamago)
-Grilled shake (salmon)

The last 2 are meals (they come with appetizers, miso soup, salad and dessert). All this just cost us 1,000.00 pesos

The food here is so simple and very very fresh. The salmon sashimi is one of the best and what I like most about this place is the wasabi they serve is fresh wasabi (not made from powder). Fresh wasabi is different from the powdered one. Its not as strong and gives a better taste to the sashimi....and you can eat much more without tears coming out of your eyes or clearing up your sinusitis :)

Its funny how some time ago I did not like wasabi and salmon sashimi at all (since I lived in Spain, there were very few Japanese restaurants there and they were very expensive). When I moved back to Manila, I started appreciating more and more japanese food since its so readily available here.

Below is a picture of the sashimi platter I had.

Chunks of fresh Salmon and Tuna are displayed and cut fresh as you order.

Apologies for the quality of the picture. I didnt have my camera so I used the camera in my Phone.

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