Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mortons The Steak House, Macau

After our lunch In Robuchon and after walking the whole afternoon, we finally get to The Venetian Hotel In Macau. I had my mind set in having a good steak so there was no other choice but to eat at Mortons. We got there quite early so there was hardly anybody in the restaurant. We were welcomed by the restaurant manager who was Filipino (thank God) and as soon as we sat down, the waitress (who was also Filipino) immediately brought out a tray of fresh raw beef and Lobster to show us the different cuts and sizes of the steak.
(Pardon the quality of the photo but it was quite dark in there)

We then took a look at the menu and decided quickly on the appetizers. I ordered a Tuna Tartare and R had the Colossal Shrimp Alexander. The tartare was served formed like a cake with tomatoes and avocado with Thai cream and balsamic glaze. The shrimps was served slightly fried with a sort of buttery sauce. Both dishes were excellent and very tasty, specially the shrimp. Being so big I was surprised it was that tasty. I had some New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to go with the tuna tartare which I thought was a perfect combination.

After the appetizers, our main course came. R ordered a half order of Alaskan King crab legs and I ordered the Boneless Rib Eye steak, which they said was their best seller. As side dish we had Asparagus and Broccoli.

The crab legs were huge, served hot with a lemon butter sauce and very tasty. My steak was exactly how I wanted it to be. It was perfectly cooked medium/rare. Once I cut the first slice it was pink inside but no blood. That's how I like my steak. I asked for Horseradish and Dijon mustard but it was so tasty that it did not need much. I enjoyed every single bit of this steak although I could not finish it (it was 14 oz). For dessert we had some fresh berries (raspberry and blueberry) since we hardly had any space left in our stomachs.. :)

Overall I enjoyed this restaurant even if it was quite pricey compared to others I've been to of the same calibre...but definitely an enjoyable meal.


Noel said...

I stayed in the Venetian Hotelin Macau for a few days last year with some friends. Huge and incredibly crowded. Santi accurately observed that the people were like ants.

Didn't go to Morton's there though. The outlets I've been to were the one in SF and HK (the one in Central, which I think has since closed).

Interesting wine-related story:

In the SF branch, I had a bottle of the '97 Opus One to go with my rib-eye (I eat mine rare). A year later, in the HK branch, I almost ordered the same bottle to go with the same steak, until I did the math and realized the HK branch was charging over double the price of the SF branch for the exact same bottle of wine. I cancelled my order of the bottle. I may be wine-obsessive, but I'm not an idiot.

Of course, that was long before HK got rid of its 40% tariff on imported wine. I'd like to see if prices have changed there. I checked out a couple of wine shops in HK and Kowloon late May this year and there didn't seem to be much change in Bordeaux prices yet.

Noel said...

Ironic, though, that you love steak tartar but otherwise like your steak done medium...


Miguel said...

Yes - definitely its crowded and full of people. We stayed there one night but the Hotel is quite big so it didnt feel crowded...

Where did you eat when you were in Macau?

Definite not worth the wine if its over priced...Compared to manila thou i think HK is still much cheaper in terms of wine.

Miguel said...

and your definitely right its weird that I like steak tartare but I like my steak cooked medium...actually medium rare is fine. I just cant stand seeing the blood hehe