Thursday, July 31, 2008

Terrys Segundo Piso, Makati

Ive been to this place tons and tons of times, but since now I'm on "blogging" mode, its the first time I took pictures and will blog about it.

I went there with my friend R. We started out the early night with Hoegarden Belgian beer and some Jamon Serrano. They have a leg that's displayed in the restaurant and when you order, they cut it fresh. Ive tried that many times and sometimes its too dry but this time the Ham was perfect this time.

When we go there normally we order all kinds of Spanish pica picas (croquetas, tortilla, cheese platter, etc..) but this time we decided to go for a main dish and Paella. We ordered Duck leg confit, which was served with thick ruffle type potatoes and a vegetable mix that tasted like "Ratatouille" was very tasty and the duck was crisp as it could be.

To accompany the duck we had a Paella. They called it the Super paella, which ad seafood,chicken, chorizo etc...My Friend R was disappointed that the chorizo in the paella was not what he was expecting (chorizo bilbao) - but the paella was perfectly made for my taste (not too wet/not too dry)
Since we didnt have the chorizo that we wanted in our Paella, we decided to order the Chorizo Piggy Back. Its a locally made chorizo which is laid in the back of a pig made of clay. They then pour some (brandy?) and light it up. The chorizo is then cooked with the flames rigth in front of you. I like this one because the chorizo is not as fatty as others I've tried (although it has its fair share of fat)
For wines we had a Northern Rhone (thanks Noel fro the correction) to go with the Duck (Cote Rotie) and a Bordeaux after (Chateau Talbot). Both wines were superb and I was surprised to find that the Cotie Rotie was a full bodied wine, comparable to the Bordeaux (it was my first time to drink a Cote Rotie)

I'm a regular in this place so no need to say that I'll be back....but I recommend it if you want to have some good wine and authentic Spanish food. They are located in Karrivin Plaza, Pasong Tamo Extension.


Noel said...

Nice write-up, Miguel. I also enjoy2o Piso a lot but don't get to eat there as often as I like as it's a bit out of the way from my usual routes. I also really enjoy talking with JC about food and wine, especially Spanish food and wine. The fellow has truly a treasure trove of knowledge and experience to learn from.

My own experience with Northern Rhône's muscular/masculine syrah-based wines is somewhat limited, though I've tried probably one of the best - a '96 Chave Hermitage, no less, from the Stockbroker. Incredible stuff, no wonder it costs an arm and a leg.



Miguel said...

I do because its quite near our office..Yes JC sure knows wine and also can see he really enjoys it since he is there everyday.

Can wait fro our Rhone night when Santi comes back.

Regards. (and thanks for the correction :) )