Thursday, July 24, 2008

NOBU Restaurant, Hong Kong

Nobu was the second restaurant we tried in Hongkong, after Robuchon. I had high expectations because of all the hype I heard about this place (and the fact I love Japanese food). We were running quite late, so we decided to take a taxi to Kowloon side. In my excitement I told the taxi to take me to the Peninsula Hotel (that's where I thought the restaurant was) so we get to the Hotel and I walk in (we were also running late) and I asked where Nobu was and the girl said it was we had to rush and walk to Intercon (thank God it was near). Finally we got there and they gave us a table with a nice view.We were welcomed by the manager who was Chinese and the waiter assigned to our table (who was Filipino and very friendly). R ordered the bento box and I ordered the Omakaze meal which they said had a little bit of everything.

My first plate was a sashimi "Lotus Chips" Tuna & scallops with spicy miso. Then I had the Lobster salad with spicy lemon dressing and the roasted eggplant with scallop and special dressing.
After the Cold and hot appetizers, we moved to the main dishes, which was mini lamb chops in some sort of sweet sauce and a platter of really fresh sashimi...

After the meals were served, I still wanted to try more food so I decided to order 2 of their best selling dishes, Tuna and salmon sashimi. The tuna was served with a light soy sauce and topped with one thin slice of Jalapeno pepper (which added a good kick to the tuna) and the salmon sashimi was also served with light soy sauce and warm sesame oil with lemon and sesame seeds. This last dishes, although much simpler, were my favorites.

For dessert, we had chocolate cake with chocolate liquid filling and green tea ice cream. Over all it was a good experience although I would not have ordered the Omakase meal and should have ordered a la carte instead. There were so many other dishes that I would have wanted to try. Oh well that means I have to go back there again soon....

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