Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jamie Oliver's in London

I'm still cramming and trying desperately to update my blog before the year ends..not sure if I will be successful.

A few months back during one of my trips to London, we happened to see Jamie Oliver's restaurant, in Kingston and we decided to give it a try. Its a very simple down to earth place, serving homey Italian Fare: Pastas, Pizza and other basic dishes. At the entrance, you see a huge old pasta making machine (which they actually use)..

For starters, Italian Nachos (Crispy fried four Cheese ravioli with angry arrabiata sauce)

Scallop with Squid Ink Angel Hair pasta..this was actually very good, so light but very creamy. Small capers included to give it some acidity.

Carpaccio with Arrugula Salad. You cant really make a lousy Carpaccio, unless you don't use quality meat. This dish was correct.

For main, I had salmon with Sweet Potato and mushrooms. Simple grilled Salmon, with a lemon vinaigrette. This was very straight forward dish which I enjoyed. I had this with a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Over all this place was worth going to and I would definitely return. Its a place to have a quick, healthy meal. Prices are very reasonable and for that, 2 thumbs up for Jamie Oliver. He was not clouded by his fame as Celebrity Chef to take advantage and make a killing out of his customers.

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