Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rene's Birthday treats...

Again, its been a while I have not been able to update. I've been quite busy at work, so this has left me again with a lot of backlog on my blogging. I still have several posts on my Europe trip, which hopefully I will be able to update during the holidays.

This post will be about 2 meals: Rene's Dinner treat for his birthday, and again, Rene's Lunch treat for his birthday. Both were held, as every year, in Manila's best Private table, Tita B's house. We so look forward to this every year, that it has been sort of a ritual for us to wait for the invitation to come. It's the only chance we get to try Tita B's French/continental cooking.

First was the dinner, some 2 weeks ago. I had just returned from my trip and was really looking forward to this. For starters, and while waiting for the rest to arrive, some 98 Dom Perignon, as is traditionally what Rene always serves during his birthday treats..very nice, easy to drink. I drank quite a lot of this, since many only drank one glass each.

As usual. the presentation/table setting was impeccable, up to the last details is carefully prepared..

For starters:

Mango-Melon Soup with Prosciutto & Apple-Mushroom Dumpling Bisque. A unique way in presenting the popular melon-Prosciutto dish. The combination of the Dumpling and Bisque was very creative and tasty. Obviously I had more servings of this.

Next, we had Grilled Goose Liver on a Bed of Caviar with Potato Sticks & Pepper Sauce. Foie is a staple for Rene and is always present in his special dinners. This was particularly good, the caviar giving it that kick and distinct taste. Both dishes we had with Donhoff Riesling which Noel and Rene brought.

We were then served Deep-Fried Bacon & Eggs, Onion Broth. One of my favorite dishes, this was a deep fried egg with little bacon bits, with a crispy crust. I loved this dish, so of course when Tita B asked who wanted more, I happily got another serving.

The first main was: Prawns, Scallops, Squid, Bottarga & Garlic Oil. This dish is simplicity at it's best. Seafood cooked to perfection, with a bit of Bottarga and Olive Oil...wonderful!

The last of the dishes was Lamb Chops with Apricot Glaze, Gorgonzola Cream Angel Hair Pasta & sauteed Mushrooms. Another fantastic creation. I loved the Pasta, very light but still with a slight kick of Gorgonzola. Note that the lamb was brought in by Tita B herself from one of her trips to Australia

For dessert, Pineapple, Rum & Raisin Tortilla Stack with Vanilla Ice Cream. At this point I was really stuffed but happily ate away the dessert as well. We did also have a fair amount of wines, although not as much as usual since many did not drink red wines. Rene though opened a bottle of a Magnum of 2000 Chateau Siran, a wine we are quite familiar with since we have drank a few times (other vintages as well)

Rene's next birthday treat was a round 2 weeks after this one, with the usuals (our lunch group). Food was to be prepared again by Tita B, this time Chinese food.

So here we are again..for starters some Champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut NV. We had this bright fresh NV Champagne while waiting fro the rest who were caught up in some traffic. The menu, as usual, carefully prepared, looked very promising.

Rene Making sure that all wines were chilled properly...we had many whites that day, obviously since food was Chinese.

For starters, Two way Dumplings: Pan Fried and Steamed. Perfectly well done, the steamed was my favorite of both. I had of course several more serving after...I had this with Noels Leon Beyer Riesling.

Next, Hot and Sour soup with Black Vinegar. I'm not really a soup person but there are some times I just love it. This is one of those times...this was just the right amount of sourness, and the black Vinegar tied this dish together very well.

This was one my favorites: Deep fried Shrimp balls with Sweet and Sour sauce. So light, not oily at all, this dish was easily one of my favorites. The sweet sour and the 5 spice dip was a perfect combination.

Next, Noodles with Glazed Pork Belly and Shitake Mushrooms. I love noodles and this was not an exception. I had this and the Shrimp balls with a La Rosee de Pavin, a heftier, more full bodied Rose then what I normally am used to drinking. This was very good.

The fish, Fish Fillet with Spicy Sauce with Pearls of the Orient. The sauce was like a spicy black vinegar with a little hint of spiciness. The hot steamy rice was perfect for this dish. This was very good.

Last, Basked Rib-Eye in Chinese Marinade. I loved this, so well done. It was baked but the meat just perfectly medium rare. The Chinese marinade was very subtle and did not at all over power the meat nor the wines.

Dessert was Almond Jelly, Mango Puree and Sago. Very light and refreshing, this was the perfect way to end such a massive meal....

And here, some of the wines we had that day. My favorites being The Sociando and Latour, although they could still do with more time in the bottle, say another 10 years easily or even more.

Thank you Rene for such fantastic meals, 2 at that. This year we were very lucky to have this 2 meals in such a short span of time. I can't wait for the next one to come. And thank you Tita B, for preparing this and putting up with all of us invading your house.

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Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying your blog! I just discovered today.
I can imagine the taste of all the dishes paired with the fantastic wines. My question is if Tita B just cooks for her family and friends or does she also cook for others? Would love to try out her food. Bon appetite!