Thursday, December 30, 2010

Various 2010

Well, I did not have any time to post a lot of good meals and wine i had in 2010, so I decided to join them all in one post, just a snapshot of many places, people and wine I've had the chance to be with/drink/eat. They are in nor particular order, so I will just post away....

Venison Seekh Kebab in Amaya Restaurant in London.

Steak at Antonio's for my wife's birthday.

Steak Tartare at Antonio's also for my wife's birthday.

Spicy Tuna Sashimi at Toki.

Salmon Sashimi at Toki.

Wagyu at Toki.

Still one of my favorites, Eggs Benedict at the Goose Station.

24 hour cooked Steak at the Goose Station

A treat from the Doc at Cicou.

Wines we had at the Cicou Port Dinner (Thanks Noel, Jojo and Bernie)

A 1966 Quinta do Noval which we had with some Stilton Cheese

Keiichi, Jojo, Greg, Aaron and Rene 'happy' at Jojo's 'cage'

Part of Jojo's impressive wine collection at the 'cage'

After tasting like 12 bottles at the 'Over the hill' wine tasting..

Wines we had at Rene and Aimee's house one dinner...the 78 Murrieta was superb and drinking very well for a 32 year old wine. The Clos Mogador was also my type of wine...loved this with the short ribs.

A pasta dish we had that same this pasta dish, lemon, Orange and Caviar with cheese.

Chicken Biryani rice, prepared by Miggy's mother in law for me when I was in London. This was the bomb!!

I forgot was this was called but this was also prepared for the Indian food dinner we had in Miggy's house in London.

Tapas bar I went to with Paco one of my trips to Madrid

Simple down to earth tapas....
Classic in Spain..this with some!!

One of the many Chuletones we had at la Tienda..this was our Dinner with Chinkee and Matt

Wines we had during that dinner.

A business lunch we had with Aaron..loved the Terreus with the Chuleton and Pimientos

Steak which Chef Javi hand carried from San Sebastian and cooked in my of the best I've had. i had this with a Faustino Reserva.

Cutting the Chuleton...

A Steak and Madeira pairing at Masseto..thanks Jojo!!

Chipirones (baby Squid) at Harley Davidson Bar in Barcelona

Navajas from the same place.

I believe this wine Keiichi brought his first trip back to Manila from Tokyo..this was a lunch in JSG.

Anchoas del Cantabrico in a tapas bar called Estado Puro in Madrid

Arroz Caldoso in the same place...this was superb.

A different take on the classic Fabada, at El Rus restaurant in Barcelona

Steak Tartare at El Rus. This was very good.

Kitchen at CRU Steak Restaurant at the Marriott.

Steak at CRU..dry aged..this was superb.

Pork Binagoonan at Cafe Juanita...I love Bagoong!!

Lumpia at Bistro Laudico..probably my favorite dish there.

Well that's all for now...I do have more but I just can't find the pictures, so maybe they are not worth posting here.

Cheers to all and Happy New Year!!

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