Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday dinner at Champetre

I decided not to have a big party for my 40th birthday this year. Instead, I choose to just have several smaller celebrations. This one was an intimate dinner with my wife. I had a great time and food was excellent. Below, a photo of the wine I had brought for the night. I have to thank Noel for letting me drink one of his bottles of Domaine Bandol Rose. This was just perfect for the food I had. I was really craving for this.

For starters, Salmon salad with cheese. The salmon was very fresh and great combination of the cheese, Salmon and arugula.

Next, Escargot Bourguignone. I love this, specially if paired with a Domaine Tempier Bandol Rose. This is a classic pairing and the wine, probably the best Rose wine in the world in my opinion.

For the main course, we had Marc's Algerian Couscous (good for 2). I've been looking forward to having this for quite some time now. With the Rose wine, it's a magical pairing. The dish is basically 2 plates. First the Couscous with lamb and merguez sausages..

Then a stew with chick peas, beef, chicken, and many other goodies. Another important factor is the Harissa, a spicy chilli paste.

One of my favourite dishes in Champetre. Chef Marc really does this well. It a perfect dish for a typical Sunday lunch, served with Rose wine. Delicious.

I had a great time. Thank you to my wonderful wife!!

More birthday celebrations to come!

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Noel said...

I'm happy you enjoyed the rosé. Yes, as far as I am concerned, Tempier's is the best in the world - better than those of Domaine Ott and the US$100 Garrus rosé of Sacha Lichine.

That the Tempier paired beautifully with Marc's escargots is no surprise, right?

By the way, some wino friends of mine who have eaten around Morocco told me a long ago that, there, rosé is typically served for lamb and couscous. I imagine it worked well to freshen the palate and ease the spicy merguez and harissa sauce.



Miguel said...

Thanks really made the dinner even more special.

Yes escargots and Domaine Tempier is a no brainer. Had lunch tyhere again today and had the Otoñal Rosado today with the Escargot and Couscous and it went better with the Couscous thena the Escargot.

I just cant get enough of the Couscous hahaha