Thursday, August 4, 2011

Salumeria Roscioli, Rome

Lunch today was at Salumeria Roscioli in Rome. This was recommended to me by blogger KatieParla, who knows where all the good food in Rome is. I suggest you check out her blog if you will be travelling by that area.

It's not the first time though I try try this place. I was there a few months ago, but unfortunately did not try their Carbonara. What a huge mistake!! As some of you may know, I'm obsessed with carbonara. Making my own, trying it all over, I've even made my own Guanciale (there will be a separate post on this) and soon I'll probably make my own pasta.

Hands down for me at least, the carbonara in Roscioli is the BEST I've had. Before we get into the pasta, some pics of the other food we had...

First photo, some cheese, olives and sun dried cherry tomatoes. I must say the tomatoes are delicious. I think they make them in house. We also had a plate of mixed salumi: Parma ham, Mortadella with truffle, salami and others. All were delicious. I had this with a glass of their house red, which was a Chianti.

Now for the main attraction, the Carbonara. The menu says Spaghetti Carbonara, Guanciale, Pecorino and Paolo Parisi organic eggs. These eggs come from goats milk fed hens from Livorno. They're quite famous in Italy and I think that's what males this dish.

Anyway I order it and it comes after 5-10 minutes:

Hands down the best Carbonara I've tried. It's hard to explain, since many may think that Carbonara is such a simple dish, but this was perfection. The pasta was coated with egg yolk probably mixed with some cheese (since it was quite thick) and small cubes of crunchy Guanciale (as on really crunchy, but still soft and tasty). The Gianciale really adds the another dimension to this dish. I know this could also be do be done with pancetta, but it does not have that deep, earthy strong flavour that Guanciale has. The Pecorino Cheese, sharp and saltier than Reggiano is also a winner.

This is another shot of the Carbonara half way through:

Look at that creamy golden yolk!! Needless to say I wiped out the whole plate, egg yolk included. So far this is the best I've had, but I'll continue my quest on finding better ones if they exist around here.

Ciao! More posts from Italy coming soon.

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iFoodTrip said...

The color looks really yellow, almost orange. Obviously that was pure egg yolk of the highest quality and no white. I'm assume those yolks are organic and very fresh. Are those black flakes just black pepper? An Italian told me that they add grated nutmeg to their carbonara.

Miguel said...

Yes super yellow. That egg was really something else. Yea just pepper and cheese. Didnt taste any nutmeg.